Local fire crews were hard at work on a house fire that broke out in the Village of Celoron early this morning... 

County dispatchers say crews were called to South Allegheny Avenue about 2:20 a.m., with assistance from Lakewood, Busti and Fluvanna fire departments. We have a message into the Celoron Fire Department at this time. We'll continue following this story as more information becomes available.  


The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities notes discolored water in West Ellicott, Celoron and Lakewood is possible today due to the fire. 

Nearly 20 members of Congress have committed to back a proposal by the "Problem Solver's" caucus that will "fast-track" bi-partisan legislation in the House of Representatives...  

Local Congressman Tom Reed, who co-chairs the caucus, adds they also want whoever the next Speaker is, they want them to commit to the "Break the Gridlock" legislation, as well.  Reed is one of the 19 members who have announced that they have agreed to only vote for a Speaker who supports the legislation, and he believes that will increase.

During his conference call with Southern Tier media on Thursday, Reed said there are about a dozen members of Congress who have expressed an interest in being speaker, including Ohio Republican Jim Jordan -- who is a member of the conservative "Freedom Caucus."  Reed says he has talked with Jordan about that possibility.  He adds that Jordan has been positive about such reforms to get Congress moving in a more positive direction. 

Several political campaigns in New York have come under criticism over campaign messaging deemed by some to have been designed to exploit voters' racial biases or xenophobia...  

In the latest skirmish, a Democratic congressman in California assailed a New York Republican colleague over an attack ad that showed his opponent speaking Korean, over a backdrop of ominous music, a portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and captions falsely implying he was talking about sending American jobs to Asia.  California Congressman Ted Lieu of California on Twitter told Buffalo-area Republican Chris Collins of western New York's 27th District to "take your racist ad and shove it."  A Collins spokeswoman said the ad was about the economic policies of Democratic opponent Nate McMurray, and race had nothing to do with it.

There are two special events for the Resource Center this weekend, beginning with the 4th Annual Sprout Film Festival at 7:30 tonight at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts...  

Kevin Anderson, Assistant Director of Employment and Community Based Services, says 'Sprout' is a series of short films made by or about people with disabilities. Admission is free. Meanwhile, the "Step-Up for Autism" walk to Chautauqua Lake starts at 10 a.m. at the Dunham Avenue Admininstration Offices. More information on both events is available at resourcecenter.org.

The head of the county legislature is happy with their starting point, regarding Executive George Borrello's 2019 budget proposal...  

Chairman P-J Wendel adds, though, that the legislature will not "rubber stamp" the more than $254-million spending plan.  Wendel says -- for him - the biggest part of the budget is that it's balanced and plugs a projected deficit.

Wendel says he's excited about the creative way Borrello has looked at the budget and, eliminated the deficit.  One area of interest in the spending plan is whether it includes the hiring of a special, drug prosecutor for the District Attorney's office.  Wendel says if the item is in the budget proposal, he doubts it would be taken out.  County Executive Borrello noted after the meeting that the added prosecutor is in the budget he is presenting and, that's an additional $65,000 expense.  The Audit and Control Committee -- chaired by Pierre Chagnon -- begins it's budget review next Monday.

A number of contract renewals for goods and services routinely come across the Chautauqua County Executive's desk and most cases they have been routinely approved with little problem...  

However, that's going to change effective immediately.  That from County Executive George Borrello during his first budget presentation Wednesday night.  Borrello says -- if the county is going to reduce costs going forward -- it has to look at every vendor agreement with a discerning eye.  He adds that's also going to be the case for state bids.

Borrello says he wants to restore "common sense" to the state bid process.  The $254-million-plus budget proposal includes no tax increase and, doesn't use any undesignated fund balance to balance the spending plan.  The county legislature's Audit and Control Committee begins work on the budget next week, meeting with department heads.

A city man is jailed pending arraignment for burglarizing a home and fleeing from officers during a domestic incident early Wednesday morning...  

Jamestown police were called to 15 Benedict Avenue at 12:30 and, learned 34 year-old Justin Cusimano allegedly forced his way into the house, and stole property from the victim -- who has a valid stay away order of protection.  As officers walked up to the home, Cusimano was seen running away in a wooded area, which led to a short foot chase.  Officers also say they saw the suspect throw two small plastic baggies possibly containing drugs.  He was taken into custody and sent to the City Jail for second-degree burglary, fourth-degree grand larceny, and criminal contempt. 

A retired state trooper has been hired as a school safety advisor for the Fredonia Central School District.. 

Superintendent Jeff Sortisio says the school board approved the hiring of Tim Kachelmeyer for the position Wednesday night.  Sortisio says he believes the military man and Dunkirk coach will connect well with students.  Kachelmeyer begins his new duties on Monday.

The deadline for removing New York's famous ``I Love N-Y'' signs is fast approaching, and neither the state nor the federal government seems to be backing down...  

Federal highway regulators say they believe Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration is working to take down the tourism-promotion signs by Sunday.  Without a deal by month's end, New York could lose $14 million in funding.  The state Department of Transportation says it has not been ordered to take down the 500-plus signs on a big stretch of roads from Long Island to Buffalo.  The federal government has long maintained the signs violate its regulations. The state disagrees.  Officials say discussions are continuing.

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