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Two men arrested during heroin drug busts in downtown Jamestown this morning...

A multi-agency drug bust in Jamestown this morning has led ot the arrest of two people... and, seizure of a quantity of Heroin... and, other narcotics.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they... along with members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team... Jamestown police Drug Enforcement Unit... and, State Police C-NET Team... raided three apartments, and a lower area of a house at 6 Winsor Street just after 6:30 a.m.  Task Force members say they arrested two men living there, 51 year-old Jose Diaz-Solis... and, 45 year-old Julio Melendez.  Agents say they also found the heroin and other drugs inside... along with scales for processing the drugs... and, a quantity of cash.  Both are awaiting arraignment on two counts each of third-degree criminal sale... and, criminal possession of a controlled substance.  More charges are pending.  Since the charges are Felony counts... they'll be jailed without bail.

Young pleased that task force's 23 Heroin and Opioid drug use bills have passed; she says state-wide public forums were a key reason for passage...

A series of 18 public forum's held across the state -- including one in Chautauqua County -- were the key to passage of a package of 23 bills to curb the alarming rise in heroin and opioid drug use.  That from State Senator Cathy Young... who says she's pleased the measures were approved.  Young says two of the 25 measures were approved earlier in the session.  The bills were intoduced last month following several of the forums.  Young says today that the final session... held on the Seneca Nation's Cattaraugus Reservation in Irving... was an important part of the proces.  She says the historic forum with the Seneca's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Task Force reaffirmed some of the information they had already received, and also gave them some new ideas they plan to develop at a later time.  Young... who is part of the Senate's "Joint Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction..." did not elaborate on what new measures may be undertaken.  She says a comprehensive approach is needed to attack this "devastaing affliction."  The Olean Republican is hopeful that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will allow the measures to be introduced in the state legislature's other chamber... because it's affecting all areas of the state and needs to be "addressed now."  There's only a week-and-a-half left in the current session.

Second arrest made in connection with alleged Westfield Meth Lab...

A Jamestown woman has surrendered to police for her alleged involvement in the production of Methamphetime at a "Meth Lab" discovered last month in the town of Westfield.  Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force members say 40 year-old Christy Stutzman turned herself into the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office late this morning after learning about a warrant being issued for her arrest.  Task Force agents say Stutzman is accused of producing Meth -- with Christopher Swanson of Lakewood -- at a house at 8379 Schultz Road.  They say Stutzman was at the scene last May 26, but, was not arrested at that time.  Authorities say they further investigated... and, found that she and Swanson were in possession of finshed Methamphetime... precursors for Meth... and, a small amount of marijuana at the time.  Stutzman was arraigned in North Harmony town Court... and, then taken to the county jail without bail.  Task Force members say citizen tips helped break this case... and, anyone with information on any kind of drug-related activity is asked to contact them at 1-800-344-8702.


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