News Update for Fri., June 13, 2014

Schumer calls on federal Office of National Drug Control Policy to designate Chautauqua Co. as a "High Intensity Drug Traffickig Area..."

New York's senior U-S Senator is urging the President's Office of National Drug Control Policy to designate Chautauqua County as a federal "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area."  Democrat Chuck Schumer has written to the director of the ONDCP to give the county that designation due to a "recent and disturbing uptick in heroin use... and, drug-related crime."  Schumer says there's a need to improve coordination between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as providing equipment, technology and additional resources that the County needs to tackle this challenge.  In the city of Jamestown alone... Schumer noted that heroin-related arrests have tripled over the last three years, and in 2013 heroin use was linked to more deaths in the area than any other drug.  He says city police also estimate that 90-percent of crime in the city is drug-related.  Schumer also noted that a major drug trafficking group -- the Angueira Drug Ring -- was busted in 2011, after a three-year investigation.  At the time... it was found to have been moving more than a half a kilogram of heroin per week through Chautauqua County to a number of states in the northeast.


Cattaraugus County lifts "unnecessary travel" advisory as flood waters drop...

The "no unnecessary travel" advisory posted for a few areas of Cattaraugus County has been lifted.  That from Cattaraugus County Sheriff's officials after three days with rain... and, high water.  Flooding was reported in several parts of northwestern Cattaraugus County.  The Sheriff's Office in Little Valley says while the travel advisory has been lifted... road crews may still be repairing some roads.  They add that some may still have some standing water on them... or are temporarily closed.  Caution should still be exercised in the towns of Conewango, Leon, New Albion and Dayton.


Bear sightings in Chautauqua County and all of WNY promotes call for residents to not feed the animals...

It's been an active time for Black Bears in western New York... and, there was a sighting this morning near the Frewsburg Central School.  A resident called in the report around 9 a.m... adding that the bear was there just a short time... and, then ran off towards the TOPS Market.  Sighting a bear in more rural areas of Chautauqua County is not unusual for this time of year... because they're still looking for food after a long, Winter hibernation.  DEC Region 9 Big Game Biologist Tim Spierto says don't leave bird feeders where bears and get them, and make sure garbage is picked up.  Spierto adds that if you come across a bear outdoors... make noise so the bear goes away... but, never turn your back on the animal.