It was meant to be a one-week experiment in 1974... that 40 years later has become 'an institution' at Chautauqua Institution.  It was "Jim Roselle Day" at Chautauqua yesterday with an afternoon of songs... special presentations... and, the unveiling of a new book about Jim's most classic interviews from Chautauqua.  "The Best Times of My Life" was written by Jim with the help of Jamestown Gazette Editor Walt Pikut.  Pikut says he knew Jim wouldn't like the idea of a biography... but, would go for a book of his most famous interviews. Pikut and Jim both acknowledged loyal WJTN listener Pat Locke for having the idea for a book about Jim and/or his career and interviews.  Jim remembers talking about Chautauqua during his broadcasts prior to 1974.  But... he first approached WJTN management about doing a broadcast the week his former Jamestown High School Class President, and friend, Charlie Goodell, was appearing at the institution.  Jim says he felt residents deserved to hear their former Congressman one more time after he had become a U-S Senator after the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  Pikut says one of the biggest problems they had was deciding which interviews out of the approximately 18-hundred at Chautauqua was left in or out.


In addition to the book signing... there were several proclamations... and, even a "roast" of Jim Roselle during yesterday's program at Chautauqua.  He was honored with a plaque from the New York State Broadcasting Hall of Fame... which he joined as a member just a few years ago.  Media One's Dan Warren joked about working at WKSN in the 1980s when it was a strong competitor with WJTN.  Dan recalls management there deciding to do a Chautauqua broadcast... but, it they made it in the afternoon.  But... he says every person that came up to their remote location kept asking the same question... "where's Jim??.  Dan says they had to say he was with a different station.  Morning man Lee John of Sister Station SE-93 FM had the crowd at the Hall of Philosopy in stitches talking about trying to get all the "dirt" on Jim... but, not actually finding any.  State Assemblyman Andy Goodell was on hand to honor Jim... and, Jamestown Mayoral Assistant Matt Hanley read a letter from Mayor Sam Teresi acknowledging Jim's day.  Teresi said he was sad about missing the occasion... but, did present Jim with the "Key to the City" at last Friday's broadcast from Chautauqua.


An elderly Dunkirk woman suffered non-life threatning injuries when she lost control of her car... and, it crashed on Route 60 in the town of Charlotte yesterday afternoon.  Sheriff's officers say 84 year-old Lucille Frazita of Eagle Street was northbound about 5:15 PM when the vehicle went off the westside of the road... and, down an embackment... striking a utility pole and shearing it in half.  Depuies say Frazita was taken to Brooks Hospital for treatment.  She's been charged with failure to keep right.


Paving work on the rough stretch of Route 60 between Fredonia and Cassadaga is expected to begin sometime in August.  That from Darrell Kaminski with the New York State Department of Transportation.  Kaminski says the DOT recently opened bids on a contract for that paving job.  He says they opened those bids for the paving work a couple of weeks ago... and, he says the contract should be awarded in the next week or so.  Kaminski says the paving on Route 60 should start in mid to late August.  He adds once the project starts, it should take two to three weeks to complete.


The recent announcement that a Florida-based air carrier will provide commercial service from the County Airport near Jamestown beginning in October was deemed "good news" by County Executive Vince Horrigan.  However, two county legislators do not share that view.  Dunkirk Democrat Keith Ahlstrom says it is wasteful for money to be spent on an airport that sees little commercial activity. Ahlstrom says commercial flights out of Jamestown cost 500-federal tax dollars per flight.  John Runkle adds that both airports in Jamestown and Dunkirk lose a significant amount of money by staying open. Runkle says neither he nor Ahlstrom see reason to have Essential Air Service from the airports... and they intend to vote against it.


Governor Andrew Cuomo has responded with silence to political foes clamoring for prompt criminal investigation of his administration following a press report that it interfered with a special corruption commission.  Political observers call that a calculated reply... intended to let the criticism quickly pass while he comfortably leads Republican challenger Rob Astorino in polls.  Still unclear is how much New Yorkers have been paying attention... and, whether he'll be dogged by ongoing questions about his influence over the commission he appointed to investigate the Albany's pay-for-play culture, and whether he kept it away from his own supporters.  Administration officials simply point to their 13-page answer to the New York Times report, published online by the newspaper along with the story.  Astorino's campaign said Cuomo has ``gone missing.''


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