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Local Congressman Tom Reed says he supported the House Republican's 694-million dollar measure to address the crisis on the U-S--Mexican border.  Reed also supported a companion bill that could lead to the deportation of more than half-a-million immigrants to whom the administration granted temporary work permits.  Reed says the main bill... which was approved 223-to-189... was a "reasonable, and targeted" piece of legislation. The second measure to deport certain immigrants here illegally was approved 216-to-192.  Reed says he would have voted for the initial measure in the House... but, he says some members wanted language in that bill changed... which is why it was pulled.  Reed was disappointed the Senate had already left Washington, because they're going to have to deal with it when lawmakers return after the Summer break.  The Corning Republican says the House appropriation will last until the end of this fiscal year in October.  The Senate had passed it's own version of an illegal immigration bill to deal with the crisis... but, it reportedly totals 3-billion dollars.


Two people were hurt yesterday afternoon in a single-car accident on Interstate 86 in the town of Ellery when the driver fell asleep at the wheel.  Sheriff's Deputies were called to the scene of the crash shortly before 4 PM.  Officers say their investigation showed that the operator... identified as 21 year-old Jared Gambrell of Sayre, Pennsylvania, fell asleep... and, the car went into the median... and, struck a culvert.  Deputies say Gambrell and his passenger... 22 year-old Zoe Wiefeldt of Kalamazoo, Michigan were taken to WCA Hospital for evaluation.  Gambrell was issued appearance tickets for Ellery Town Court for driving without a license... and, moving from lane unsafely.


Treatment is one of three key areas addresed during yesterday's two follow-up forums to last March's County-wide Community Drug Forum.  Monday morning's forum was held at Jamestown Community College's Carnahan Center in Jamestown.  One of the presenters... Dr. Dave Withers... works with the Marworth Treatment Center in Virginia.  Treatment has come to the forefront in the area with last week's major drug sweep in Jamestown where 41 accused Heroin traffickers were arrested.  Officials believe there will be an increase in people seeking treatment.  Withers says addiction is a bigger problem among the pediatric and adolscent age groups because their brain's are still developing. Withers primarily works with adults at the Marworth Center.  He showed the approximately 70 people on hand Monday morning a slide with two children... one that is "huffing" a substance... and, another is smoking some kind of drug.  Withers pointed to one who seems to be having a good time... and, is more likely to "take chances" for enjoyment despite the risks.  The second forum was at JCC's North County Training Center in Dunkirk.


A Jamestown man is jailed for allegedly being in possession of Heroin... and, a loaded hypodermic needle during routine traffic stop on the city's southside last Sunday morning.  Jamestown Police say they stopped 28 year-old Ryan Bloom of Broadhead Avenue just before 10:30 AM for allegedly using a cell phone while driving.  During the investigation... officers say they found the loaded hypodermic needle... and, four baggies of heroin inside the car.  Bloom was arrested... and, charged with seventh degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, criminal possession of a hypodermic needle.  He's being held in the city jail pending arraignment.


New York's Junior U-S Senator is upset that the head of the Central Intelligence Agency has admitted that the CIA did spy on certain members of the upper chamber.  Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand took agency director John Brennen to task over the revelation late last week, after Brennan had earlier denied it was taking place.  However... it was confirmed in a report by the CIA's Inspector General's office.  During a visit to the Jamestown Boys and Girls Club... she called the CIA's actions "egregious... and, outrageous...." Brennan earlier denied that the CIA had accessed computers of certain Senators... mainly on the Intelligence Committee... which had been investigating agency interrogation methods and use.   Gillibrand says... while her office was not targeted... she says the move undermines Congress's constitutional authority.  Some Senators... including Mark Udall of Colorado... have called for Brennan's resignation.  Gillibrand stopped short of calling for his resignation.


There were weather extremes on the final day of the 70th annual Gerry Rodeo last Saturday... as sunshine and ideal arena conditions greeted the fans and competitors for the 2 PM matinee... while a violent thunderstorm shortly before the evening competition turned the arena into a sea of mud.  However... Spokesman Paul Cooley says the differences did not prevent the fans from seeing some outstanding efforts with a number of the pro cowboys and cowgirls moving up in the standing in their events, particularly in the evening as they battled through the poor conditions to reward the 750 fans who braved the storm.  Cooley says the mud made it very difficult for the tie-down ropers and their ropes... but, the muddy arena seemed to agree with the team ropers as the fastest time of the week as well as both the first and second-place winners came from this performance.

In addition to the rodeo competition... the fans were entertained by the antics of rodeo clown Hollywood Harris, the outstanding job of directing the action in the arena by announcer Greg Simas.  Cooley adds that Head chef Bruce Gustafson reports that almost 3-thousand barbeque beef dinners were served... and total attendance was about 57-hundred.  The rodeo is the major source of revenue for the Gerry Volunteer Fire Department as they answer 350 fire and rescue calls each year.


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