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Next phase of Jamestown's Riverwalk project kicks off Tuesday...

Phase-six of the city of Jamestown's Riverwalk Project got off to a rainy start this afternoon at the McCrea Point Boat Launch on the city's westside.  A heavy downpour prevented a ceremonial ground-breaking... but, failed to dampen enthusiasm for this part of the multi-million dollar effort along the Chadakoin River.  Mayor Sam Teresi says a grant from the state Environmental Protection Fund will provide about half-a-million dollars of the funding for this part of the project.  Teresi says the McCrea Park itself will get about a $475,000 make-over as part of the nearly $750,000 project.  Teresi says new asphalt paths will be constructed around the perimeter of the boatlanding... as well as from West Third Street to Jones and Gifford Avenue on the eastside of the Chadakoin River.  Regional State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation representative Jay Bailey says they're happy to help out.  Teresi adds that new playgrounds will also be installed as part of this Phase in the vista on Steele Street near the Third Street Bridge... and, the McCrea Point Boat Landing.  He adds the project should be completed in about one-year.

State budget surplus in NYS expected to top $4-billion; Cuomo looking at options for using it...

Governor Andrew Cuomo is studying New York state's options for how to spend an estimated $4.2-billion budget surplus.  State officials say the windfall is the result of recent financial settlements with banks and insurance companies.  BNP Paribas, for example, agreed to pay a $2.2-billion penalty to the state after pleading guilty to charges that it violated economic sanctions by processing transactions for clients in blacklisted countries including Sudan, Cuba and Iran.  Cuomo's administration says that it's reviewing options for the unanticipated revenue.  Possibilities include paying down state debt, building up the state's financial reserves, or spending the money on one-time capital expenses.

Leno may be a sell-out, but, still plenty of opportunities available to see top comedy acts at Lucy Comedy Fest...

If you were shut-out of getting one of the "hot" tickets for Jay Leno's sold-out performance... there are plenty of good tickets left for other performances at this week's Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.  The annual event begins tomorrow with several events in downtown Jamestown... and, kicks into high gear on Thursday.  The Friday night headliner is up-and-coming stand-up Comedian Tom Cotter.  Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center of Comedy Director Journey Gunderson says Cotter really made his mark as being the first comic to make the finals of "America's Got Talent."  On Thursday night... Carolina Rhea of "The Biggest Loser" fame will take the stage with three others for the annual "Comedy Showcase."  Gunderson says -- in addition to "Loser" -- Rhea has a stand-up career dating back to 1989.  For more information on the festival... go on-line to www.lucycomedyfest.com.


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