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Volunteers, interns, help support staff for Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown...

The annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival has kicked into high-gear... with thousands of visitors in the Jamestown-area to take in all the programs... and, headliner shows.  The Jay Leno headliner program tomorrow night has been sold-out for weeks... and, up-and-coming Comedian Tom Cotter takes the stage tonight at 8 p.m. at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts.  With more than 50 events taking place through Sunday... Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Comedy Center Director Journey Gunderson says they have a small army of about 200 volunteers to help out.  Gunderson says they realize this is the one-vacation a year for many... so, they try to put on a wide variety of good events for those fans.  In addition to the volunteers... which include the Lakewood-area Young Woman of the Year program contestants... Gunderson says they have nine interns that assist the staff.  She says they're here for three-months... which include the festival.  Gunderson says they only have a small number of full-time staff -- including herself... and, some other part-timers.  For more information on the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival... go on-line to www.lucycomedyfest.com.

Two city men arrested for allegedly trafficking cocaine in Jamestown-area...

Two Jamestown men are in the county jail without bail for allegedly trafficking powder, and "crack" cocaine following a police raid on the city's northside.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says members of the JPD Narcotics Investigation Unit and State Police C-NET Team raided an apartment at 28 Euclid Ave. late Thursday night following a lengthy investigation.  JPD Captain Bob Samuelson says investigators had identified 38 year-old Dwight Leeper of the Euclid Avenue address... and, 28 year-old Larico Jones of Broadhead Avenue as suspects in the case.  Both were arrested for third-degree criminal possession of controlled substance.  Officers also seized about 7 grams of cocaine... worth several thousand dollars... drug paraphrenalia, and a small amount of marijuana.  Leeper was also charged with criminal use of drug paraphernalia.  Both were arraigned... and, sent to the county lock-up.

Cummins Engine celebrates 40th Anniversary...

There have been good times -- and bad -- and, times of major change.  But... Cummins Engine Company's Jamestown Engine Plant has survived... and, is now thriving... in the Jamestown-area.  Plant Manager Mike Abate hosted an hour-long program Friday morning featuring past plant managers... Cummins officials... and local dignitaries to begin the plant's 40th Anniversary weekend.  Abate welcomed the gathering in the lunch-room of the town of Busti facility... and, called it a "really neat occasion."  He says the events they've planned are "designed to celebrate the past and present, and look forward to the future."  Some of that leadership from earlier years remains in place at Cummin's world-wide headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.  A "very critical" time was in 2002-to-2003.  That's when the company introduced a new engine line -- the ISX -- and, finally decided to consolidate it's heavy-duty engine operations.  However... the decision to locate that at the Jamestown plant didn't come until the second-half of 2002.  The Plant Manager at the time was Ignacio Garcia... who says they worked hard during the Christmas and New Year's holidays in 2002 to be ready to start up production in early 2003.

Dignitaries, local officials, address crowd at Cummins anniversary...

One of the dignitaries on hand has had a long-standing relationship with Cummins Engine Company... but, says the most memorable one was in 2002.  That's when Cummin's headquarters had to decide whether to consolidate it's heavy-duty engine lines in Columbus, Indiana or Jamestown.  State Senator Cathy Young joined former Governor George Pataki at the announcement that Cummins had decided to expand at the town of Busti plant.  Young says she can't say enough to the company, and it's "belief in New York State, and believe in our community."  Several officials touted the teamwork of the company employees as being a key reason for the plant's success... and, the ultimate decision to expand the Jamestown engine facility.  They were also thanked for all their support of the community.  County Executive Vince Horrigan talked about the support workers and management gave to the local Red Cross chapter when he headed it up.  State Assemblyman Andy Goodell also congratulaed the company... and, joked about about being a minor shareholder in Cummins.
Jamestown plant Manager Mike Abate also reminded the public that there will be an open house at the plant tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m.



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