Local News Headlines

Two Jamestown residents have been arrested for allegedly making counterfeit money... and, running a small, methamphetime lab in a home on the city's southside.  Jamestown police say the investigation of a phony bill that turned up at a Brooklyn Square store... led to discovery of the "one-pot" Meth Lab at 519 Forest Avenue.  Officers obtained a warrant... and, raided the home about 2:30 PM yesterday.  They arrested 30 year-old Kirby Driggers... and, 22 year-old Salena Hare for first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.  Investigators also found materials used to make the fake bills.  They then found several two-liter pop bottles where the methamphetime was produced.  A special State Police unit was called in to help remove the bottles from the home... which has now been determined to be safe.  Driggers and Hare were also charged with Felony third-degree manufacturing of methamphetime.  Both were jailed pending arraignment.


An Olean man has been found murdered in the scenic overlook area of Route 16 in the Cattaraugus County town of Allegany.  Sheriff's officers in Little Valley say 54 year-old Lamont Clemons was discovered by a Pennsylvania couple last Thursday morning.  Deputies say Clemons... a black male... was not positively identified until last weekend.  Officers say an autopsy was done... and, a gunshot wound to the body has led investigators to rule the death a homicide.  Deputies say the investigation is on-going... and, no further details are being released at this time.  If anyone has any information on the case... call the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office at 938-9191.


The head of Jamestown's largest soup kitchen for the past five-plus years has announced she is retiring late this Fall.  St. Susan's Center Executive Director Sue Colwell says the decision is a "bittersweet" one because she will miss the people she's worked with everyday... but, adds she looks forward to continuing the friendships she's made.  St. Susan's Center Board President Chuck Holder says they knew Colwell planned on retiring within the next couple of years... but, adds they were surprised and saddened it's happening this soon. Holder says Colwell... who first began working at St. Susan's as a volunteer in 2006... has presided over a major move with the Center moving to the Gateway Center on Water Street a few years ago.  He says they've also seen a major increase in the number of people they serve daily and monthly... which is a by product of the local economy over the past 5 to 6 years.  While she's retiring at the end of October... Holder says Colwell still plans to be involved with the center... especially with their fund-raisers.  The search for a new director will begin immediately.


"We've all lost a comedy genius."  Those are the feelings on the tragic death of legendary Comedian Robin Williams from the head of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center of Comedy in Jamestown.  Director Journey Gunderson recalled her days as a child watching her parents laugh at William's work in the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam..." as well as his TV sitcom, "Mork and Mindy."  Williams died of an apparent suicide Monday at his California home.  Gunderson says it's a time of reflection for his millions of fans. Gunderson also recalled that Williams' idol... mentor... and friend -- Jonathan Winters -- died just last year.  The Lucy-Desi Center is involved in working to create a National Comedy Center in Jamestown... and, she says part of it's mission would be to memorialize people like Williams and Winters.  He says it will allow new generations to "laugh" with people like them and appreciate their work.  Gunderson says Williams' humor was cross-generational.  The U-S-O also heaped high praise on Williams... who visited the troops overseas several times.  The U-S-O called Williams "this era's Bob Hope."


The head of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center is very pleased with how the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival went last week.  The five-day event ended Sunday after what Journey Gunderson called the festival's "shinning moment..." that was the Saturday night appearance of retired "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno... who still does a stand-up act.  Gunderson says... looking back... they had a "lot of comedic talent" in town for the festival... and, it got better each night. Gunderson says a lot of the out of town fans said this was "the best vacation I've ever taken... and, I don't know how you're going to top it next year... but, we're coming back."  She says there is so much comedic talent "out there..." that she believes they will top it.  Gunderson says having the "wonderful accoustics" at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena was the capper for the sold-out appearance by Leno last Saturday night.  She says they estimate at least 10 to 13-thousand people attended the events from 37 states... and, several countries.


A Jamestown man arrested several months ago for his alleged involvement in a small cocaine ring has been sentenced to six-years in state prison.  District Attorney David Foley says 52 year-old Cleophis Harris received the determinate term in Chautauqua County Court for trafficking "crack" cocaine in the Jamestown-area.  Harris was one of several people arrested for allegedly trafficking the narcotic drug.  He was also sentenced to three-years post-release supervision after being found guilty of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance.  Four others were sentenced in County Court Monday... including another Jamestown man for third-degree burglary.  Foley says 44 year-old Johnny Nunez was sentenced to 2-and-a-half to 5 years in state prison.  Foley adds another city man... 40 year-old Byron Lawton... was sentenced to 3 years in prison for violation of probation.  He will also serve three-years post-release supervision.