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Weekend fire causes $1,000 damage at Ben Weitsman of Jamestown Scrap Metal facility...

There was a lot of black smoke... but, no significant damage last weekend when fire broke out at the Ben Weitsman of Jamestown scrap-metal recycling facility.  Deputy Jamestown Fire Chief Chet Harvey says a crew was called to the scene on West Eighth Street shortly before 12:30 p.m. Saturday... and, found heavy smoke coming from that part of the scrap metal plant.  Harvey adds the flames originated from a car in an auto compactor... and, spread to a couple of nearby cars that had already been crushed.  He says a spark may have touched off the flames in some left-over gas or oil... adding that hydrocarbons -- typically found in gas and oil -- produce that kind of smoke.  Harvey says no cause has yet been detemined... but, he says compactors like the one at Ben Weitsman's produce a lot of heat... and, a simple spark could have ignited the flameables.  He says firefighters got to the scene quickly.  But... he says the responding crew had the fire out so quickly... an off-duty shift was not needed.  Harvey says there was about $1,000 worth of damage.

Reed responds to Robertson on his stance regarding Medicare and Social Security...

Chautauqua County's incumbant Congressman says his opponent is playing politics with Medicare and Social Security... and, not trying to solve their long-term viability.  That from Corning Republican Tom Reed... who is finishing his third-term in the House of Representatives.  Late last week... Democrat challenger Martha Robertson... and, a Medicare and Social Security advocacy group... accused Reed of voting against five key measures to support both programs.  Reed says Robertson supports a House Trustee report that certain changes would keep both solvent until 2030 instead of 2026.  He says that means both Medicare and Social Security will be bankrupt by the end "of this generation."  Reed emphasizes that the legislation he supports would keep Medicare and Social Security in place... as they are... for people 56 years-old and over.  He says in addition to tort reform... and, weeding out waste, fraud and abuse... the best way to support both is getting more people back to work... and, paying into the system.  Reed adds he also wants legislation that empowers doctors and patients more in making medical decisions.

Reed and Democrat from California co-sponsoring Hospice Act...

Congressman Tom Reed has also announced that he is co-sponsoring a bi-partisan measure he says will strengthen Hospice... or end-of-life care in the U-S.  Reed is filing the Hospice Act with Democrat Mike Thompson... and, says there are two major components to the legislation.  The Corning Republican says it would allow professionals who provide Hospice care to be re-certified every three years instead of the usual 6 to 8 years.  He says the earlier re-certification will bring more "transparency, and accountability" to Hospice providers.  Reed adds the legislation was drafted with input, and support from National Hospice and Palliative Care Association.  He says it would also allow for a review by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services once they reach the 180 day coverage period for care to continue.  He adds that it's also a national health care issue because studies have shown that 70 to 80-percent of a person's health care costs are going to be in the final few years of life.

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