(**Alert)State Police say remains found at Lake Erie State Park are those of a human fetus...

Authorities say the human remains found on the Lake Erie Shoreline in Lake Erie State Park Friday afternoon are those of a human fetus.  State Police are handling the investigation... and, revealed the results of an examination performed by the Erie County Medical Examiner's Office during a news conference in Dunkirk.  Lieutenant Brian Ratajezak... an investigator with State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation made the announcement... saying the fetus's gestation age was about 18 to 24 weeks.  Ratajezak says they've been working with District Attorney David Foley's office -- among others.  Ratajezak says the fetus apparently had been separated from the mother for approximately two to three weeks.  A family walking the shoreline in the town of Portland made the discovery and call 9-1-1.  Ratajezak says State Police are trying to locate the mother... and, determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.  They are looking for the public's help in learning what happened.  Anyone with information is being asked to the contact the State Police in Jamestown at 665-3114.

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