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One person was shot twice behind Appleyard Terrace in Jamestown Tuesday evening.  Jamestown Police report the shooting happened just before 7:30pm.  Four shots were fired at a male victim as he walked in an open area behind the housing units in the block of 600 East 2nd Street.  At last word the victim was in surgery at Hamot Medical Center in Erie.  Investigators have recovered the pistol near the scene of the incident and are working to locate the suspect.  Anyone who may have information on the incident is asked to contact Jamestown Police at 483-7537 or the anonymous tip line 483-8477. 


A "street-level" Heroin dealer in Jamestown has been arrested for allegedly trafficking the narcotic in the area in recent weeks... and, was found with about 125 doses of the illegal drug.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they raided the Terrace Place apartment of 26 year-old William Rogers just before 7:30 yesterday morning... and, found the suspect... along with more than 12 bundles of heroin, and a large amount of cash, scales and other drug paraphernalia... and, a quantity of marijuana.  Sheriff Joe Gerace calls it a "good bust..." Gerace credited Lieutenant Dave Bentley and the task force for their good work.  They say Rogers was arrested without incident... and, arraigned on the initial charges of third-degree criminal sale... and, possession of a controlled substance.  Agents say he faces several additional counts of those charges... and, others.  Task Force members add they also obtained additional information... and, the investigation is continuing.  Rogers is jailed without bail.  Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Task Force Hotline at 1-800-344-8702. 


All 18 school districts in Chautauqua County will be open today... and, Sheriff Joe Gerace says his department and others will be out making sure the roads are safe for school buses and students.  Gerace says it's important for drivers to be aware that school is starting... and, that they should be on the look-out for children walking to school... and, getting on and off of buses. Gerace adds that younger kids will also tend to be "excited" for the first day of class... and, may dart in and out of traffic.  He also warns motorists that they need to stop for a school bus when the red flashing lights come on.  He adds that's even on a four-lane highway.  Gerace says the penalties for passing a stopped bus that's picking up or letting off students were increased just a few years ago.  He adds that most school zones have a 20-MPH speed limit... and, police will be enforcing that. Most students are walkers in Jamestown... so motorists are urged to watch for them -- especially children that may dart out between parked vehicles.  City Police Captain Todd Issacson also reminds drivers of the 20 MPH Speed Limit in school zones... he adds students should never talk to strangers or accept rides from strangers... and, use sidewalks.  Issacson adds that students should also know their phone number and address, as well as how to dial 9-1-1.


School begins in most all Chautauqua County schools today... but, it won't be a full-day in the Jamestown public schools.  That from School Superintendent Tim Mains... who says teachers and staff have had a busy summer preparing to teach the next phase of Common Core standards in the district.  Mains says there was a full-day of staff development Tuesday... and, adds there'll be more today -- once classes conclude for the day. Mains says a lot of teachers and others attended "staff development" programming over the Summer... which they felt was beneficial.  He adds a lot of construction and renovation work on some of the schools is wrapping up today.  Mains says that includes work at Ring Elementary School on a new entrance off the parking lot... and, a new bus entrance.  He adds Lincoln also has a new suite of modular classrooms for fourth and fifth-graders.  Mains says there is NO changes in the start times for the district's elementary... middle and high schools this year.


We are ready."  That from Southwestern Central School Superintendent Maureen Donahue about the start of the 2014-2015 School year today.  Donahue says start times for the elementary, middle and high schools are the same as they were last year.  She adds teachers and staff have been working hard to get the schools... and, classrooms ready for today. While it's considered a full-day for all students at Southwestern... Donahue says it'll be a slightly shortened day for the elementary school as they adjust to their schedule.  She says enrollment numbers are up slightly in the district -- especially at the Elementary level.  However... she says those will fluctuate.  Donahue adds Southwestern has a new website.  It's on-line at swcs-dot-wnyric-dot-ORG.


The contribution rates paid by state and local governments for New York's pension fund will go down as the retirement system continues to rebound from the 2008 downturn.  Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says the average rate will decrease from 20.1-percent of salary for most public workers to 18.2 percent.  For local police and firefighters... the employer rate will drop from 27.6-percent of payroll to 24.7-percent.