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Schuyler says just a matter of time before Enterovirus makes it's way to New York; she urges parents to especially be on the look-out...

It's considered a rare virus... but, it's now spread to a dozen states... and, it will likely make it's way into New York state at some point.  It's technical name is Enterovirus D-68.  That from Chautauqua County Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler... who says there have been no reported cases in New York yet... but, it's likely just a matter of time before it gets here.  Schuyler says when the virus hits... the symptoms are often like that of the common cold.  However... she says it can soon trigger mild to serious respiratory illness -- including fever, runny nose and sneezing.  But... she says it can progress to difficulty in breathing -- especially children with asthma -- or other respiratory problems.  Schuyler says if your child has such problems -- including severe allegies -- and, they develope the breathing issues... get them to your doctor or a health care official right away.  She says... just like with a cold or the flu... there are ways to avoid getting the Enterovirus.  One is covering your cough... and, washing your hands.  People should also stay home if they're sick.  Enterovirus is spread through the air... and, is now in about a dozen states -- mainly in the mid-west.  The nearest state to New York where the virus has been found is Ohio.

City man arrested for criminal drug possession...

A Jamestown man sought by police has been found on the city's eastside... in possession of illegal drugs, and a hypodermic needle.  City officers were called to the area of Crescent and Buffalo Streets just after 11 this morning.  Police say they were looking for 32 year-old Matthew Caldwell... who was sought on a court warrant.  Officers say they located Caldwell, who they say gave them a false name... and, he was arrested.  Police say they found him in possession of a large number of Suboxone strips... a controlled substance... and, the hypodermic needle.  Caldwell is charged with third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... criminal possession of a hypodermic needle... and, False personation.  He's jailed pending arraignment.

Fall Festival of Bands set to go at Strider Field tomorrow night...

Nine marching bands are set to compete in the annual Fall Festival of Bands tomorrow night at Strider Field in Jamestown.  The event is organized by the JHS Band Boosters to benefit the Jamestown marching band.  The Red Raiders show this year is called "Goldrush."  Jacob Sandstrom, one of the JHS Drum Majors, says fans will be impressed.  Sandstrom says it's a high paced show that's similar to what they did last year.  Bands from Eisenhower, Falconer, Pioneer, Hornell, and Wellsville will be on the field for the early part of the Fall Festival, followed by bands from West Seneca, Jamestown, Albion, Pennsylvania, and Orchard Park.  Tickets for the show at $6 at the gate.  The program begins Saturday night at 6:30 p.m.  JHS Band Director Meghan Murray says the Festival of Bands will run 'rain or shine'.  They have plans to move the show indoors if it should rain. 



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