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First day of Coggins finds five witnesses testify after delayed start...

Testimony is now underway in the trial of an Elmira-area man accused of being the ringleader of a group of four men accused in double-murder of a town of Carroll couple.  District Attorney David Foley says five witnesses took the stand after opening statements were made... following a two-hour delay.  Foley says he, and, Public Defender Ned Barone finally began the trial about 11:30 Tuesday morning.  34 year-old Davide Coggins faces 11 charges... including one of first-degree murder.  One of the witnesses was Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department member Jeff Hover.  Foley says the delay was caused by a juror issue.  Coggins is the alleged mastermind of the home-invasion -- murder case -- in which the four men allegedly went to the home of 66 year-old Gordon... and, 59 year-old Joyce Skinner... and, stabbed both to death in April of last year.  Foley expects to call up to 10 witnesses today.


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WJTN News Headlines for Dec. 12, 2019

A former Clymer Central School teacher recently convicted of child pornography involving a young child has been sentenced to 4-and-a-half years in federal prison.   U-S Attorney James Kennedy,...

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