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County's Health and Human Services Dir. urges residents to know about Ebola Virus, not panic...

There is no reason to panic.  However... the top health official in Chautauqua County says residents need to be aware of what's happening with nationally and internationally with the Ebola virus.  County Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says people should know the facts about Ebola as health care professionals and officials deal with it.  First... Schuyler says keep track of the travels of anyone you know... especially any international travel because there are people from local churches who go on mission trips to regions such as West Africa.  She adds also know how it's spread... and, that is by direct contact with an infected person.  Schuyler says people also have to be showing symptoms in order for Ebola to spread.  Initially... those are similar to the cold... with a fever, and headache or stomach ache.

Second Dallas nurse now being treated for Ebola after flying from Cleveland to Dallas-Forth Worth Monday...

Ater speaking with us... we learned a second Dallas nurse who became infected with the Ebola virus while caring for a dying patient took a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas-Fort Worth on Oct. 13.  NBC News reports that's just one day before she reported developing symptoms of infection, according to U.S., and airline officials Wednesday.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... and, the airline said they are reaching out to all 132 passengers who were aboard the flight.

West 5th Street reopened after lengthy project between Fairmount Ave., and Washington St....

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi has announced that West 5th Street, from Fairmount Avenue to Washington Street, has been reopened... and, traffic is flowing.  The city's Department of Public Works did a complete reconstruction of the street this Summer.  Teresi says DPW crews put the final topcoat on the roadway yesterday.... and, the remaining work on the cross street intersections is being completed today.


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