Distinguished Young Women of the Lakewood Area 2015 full list of results

The Full list of results from the 2015 Distinguished Young Women of the Lakewood Area held this past Saturday night at Jamestown High School! Congratulations to all who participated!

(Over $15,000 in scholarships awarded)

Distinguished Young Woman of the Lakewood Area 2015-($4,000)
Heather Dorler, Cassadaga Valley

1st Runner Up-($2,000) Heidi Mueller, Southwestern

2nd Runner Up-($1,000) Olivia Richardson, Maple Grove

3rd Runner Up-($800) Megan Clark, Clymer

Director’s Award-($500) Stefanie Briggs, Cassadaga Valley

‘Be Your Best Self’-($500) Emily Van Wey, Dunkirk
                                  ($500) Anna Turcotte, Panama

‘Spirit of Junior Miss’-($500) Abbey Andrews, Southwestern
                                      ($500) Anna Turcotte, Panama

Self Expression-($500) Stefanie Briggs, Cassadaga Valley
                           ($500) Stephanie Benson, Jamestown

Talent-($500) Heather Dorler, Cassadaga Valley-Lyric/contemp. dance-‘Explosions’ by Goulding
             ($500) Heidi Mueller, Southwestern-Piano solo-Pachelbel ‘Canon in D’

Fitness-($500) Heather Dorler, Cassadaga Valley
             ($500) Stefanie Briggs, Cassadaga Valley

Panel Interview-($500) Megan Clark, Clymer
                           ($500) Olivia Richardson, Maple Grove

Scholastic Achievement-($500) Heidi Mueller, Southwestern
                                         ($500) Abbey Andrews, Southwestern