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Second fire at El Azteca Restaurant destroys building...

An apparent rekindle at the El Azteca Restaurant in Lakewood has destroyed the building.  Lakewood firefighters were called back to the scene on Fairmount Avenue just before 2 this afternoon.  Lakewood Fire Chief Kurt Hallberg says the roof of the building was fully-engulfed in flames on arrival.  Hallberg says the blaze spread through the building quickly this time... and, fire crews had to take a "defensive posture."  Two aerial fire trucks... one from Lakewood... the other from Celoron... were pouring water on the structure late this afternoon.  The cause is under investigation... but, Hallberg says Sheriff's Department investigators had left the scene a short time before the call went out.
The initial fire at El Azteca was called in about 9:30 this morning.   Chief Hallberg says there was heavy fire coming out of the eastside basement window... going up the wall, and into the roof area when they arrived.  Celoron was called in to assist.  There were no injuries reported either time.  Fairmount Avenue in that area is again open.


Eleven, "one-pot" Meth Labs found in town of Busti trailer park...

An on-going, undercover police investigation has led to the discovery of 11 "one-pot" methamphetime labs in one-lot at the Bosco Trailer Park in the town of Busti.  Members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force... and, Lakewood-Busti Police... say they investigated the former site in the trailer at Lot-#6 in the park late this morning.  Sheriff Joe Gerace says police were actually on scene - initially - last night.  Gerace says they were trying to find two suspects allegedly involved in the operation.  He says they went back this morning... and, determined there were 11 separate "Meth Cooks."  Gerace says warrants were obtained... and, each faces multiple counts of Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetime.  Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation... Gerace says they are not releasing the suspects names at this time.


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