News Update for Mon., Dec. 15, 2014

Former City Councilman Whitford for be appointed to county legislature this week...

Chautauqua County lawmakers are set to fill a vacancy on the panel this Wednesday night when they hold their final meeting of 2014.  Minority Leader Keith Ahlstrom says he expects Jamestown Democrat Paul Whitford's appointment to fill the Legislative District 13 seat to pass without opposition.  Ahlstrom -- a Dunkirk Democrat -- says Whitford will replace Paula DeJoy... who resigned from the seat last month because she was moving out of District 13.  He says he's known Whitford for a number of years... and, believes he'll "fit right in" with the Democrat Caucus... and, the legislature.   Whitford represented Ward-Six in Jamestown for the past seven years.  Ahlstrom says Whitford's appointment might have come sooner... but, he wanted to finish up work as a council member on Jamestown's 2015 city budget.  If approved by the legislature... Whitford will fill out DeJoy's term which expires at the end of next year.

Lakewood man arrested for allegedly breaking into home in city's southside last weekend...

A Lakewood man is jailed without bail for allegedly breaking into a home on Jamestown's southside last weekend... and, stealing a number of items.  Jamestown police say they were called to the scene on West Cowden Place about 12 p.m. Saturday on a burglary complaint.  Further investigation led officers to find 22 year-old Dylan Abbey hiding inside another Cowden Place residence last Sunday morning.  Police say Abbey was arrested on several unrelated warrants... and, he was allegedly found with a number of items taken during the West Cowden Place break-in.  He was arraigned on several charges... including Felony second-degree burglary... and, sent to the county lock-up.

Reed votes for Continuing Resolution, though it's "not perfect..."

It's not perfect... but, Chautauqua County's Congressman says the $1.1-trillion Continuing Resolution approved by the House and Senate late last week is a "step in the right direction."  Corning Republican Tom Reed was among the slight majority in the House that voted for the measure that prevents a partial-government shut-down.  Reed says there are a number of items in the bill he's "very happy" to see... including measures to restrict funding to further implement "Common Core" in public schools.  He's been opposed to the new school standards.  Reed says it also includes language to prevent infringement on Second-Amendment by the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  He says the measure was approved in both the House and Senate... and, now goes to the president's desk.