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Weigh-bearing beam for roof at Chaut. Institution Amphitheater fails under weight of snow...

A weight-bearing beam at the Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater failed early yesterday afternoon... damaging a column in the northeast corner of the Amphitheater.  Chautauqua Spokesman Jordan Steves says some people in the area of the Amp reported hearing a "loud crack" about 12:30 p.m. near Gate 1.  Chautauqua's Operations staff brought in a crane to secure that part of the structure, and have called in outside engineers to assess the structure and provide direction on how best to prevent further damage, and begin repairs.  The weight of the heavy snowpack on the roof apparantly triggered the "localized" collapse.  Until further notice... institution officials say access to the entire Amphitheater is restricted to appropriate personnel only.   In addition... as a precaution, vehicle and pedestrian access is restricted on Roberts south of Miller, and on Bowman west of South Terrace.

No one hurt in Falconer roof collapse blamed at least -- in part -- to heavy snow and snowmelt...

Some anxious moments in Falconer yesterday afternoon when the roof collapsed on a residential building on the village's westside.  Chautauqua County dispatchers say Falconer fire rescuers, and police, were called to the scene at 359 West Main Street just after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.  Falconer was joined at the scene by Kennedy firefighters... while others were on stand-by.  The county's Technical Rescue, and Medical Tech teams were also called in.  No one was hurt.  The Post-Journal reports that heavy snowmelt contributed to the collapse.  West Main... which is Route 394... was closed in that area -- near Dow Street -- just over an hour and a half while the scene was secured.

Carroll Town Police investigating weekend vehicle break-ins...

Town of Carroll residents -- especially those in Frewsburg -- are being warned to keep their vehicles locked when they're not being used.  That from Carroll Police officials following an investigation into more than a dozen vehicles break-ins by two, alleged juvenile offenders during the overnight hours from about Midnight this past Sunday through 7 a.m. Monday.  Officers say their investigation determined several parked cars and trucks on local streets, and driveways, were checked to see if they were unlocked.  They say the suspects stole a number of items from those vehicles.  However... Carroll police say some items were recovered.  Officers say -- if you found your vehicle was broken into -- and haven't reported it... you should do so by calling 569-5365.  You can also make an appointment to see if the recovered property is yours.  Carroll Police add you should also secure your garage and home.

Horrigan encouraged by consolidation discussion involving Gerry, Charlotte, Sinclairville and Cassadaga Valley School District...

County Executive Vince Horrigan says he's encouraged by discussions that two towns and a village in the central part of the county are having on the possibility of consolidation.  Horrigan says he's happy about the news that the towns of Gerry and Charlotte -- along with the Village of Sinclairville -- are looking at such a venture.  The proposal came up at a meeting of the Cassadaga Valley School Board Tuesday night..  Horrigan says he was not aware of the talks... but, called them "encouraging."  The local governments are looking for a centralized location, with the school property being discussed.  Sometimes... Horrigan says "we only think of municipalities... " and, forget schools have incredible infrastructure that can help local towns and villages.  Horrigan says the county has been working with local governments to develop shared services iniatives for submission to the Governor's office in June as as they relate to the State's tax freeze program.

Gillibrand co-sponsoring Medical Marijuana bill...

New York's junior U-S Senator is one of lawmakers that have introduced a bill that would allow patients to use marijuana for medical purposes in states where it is legal.  Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand adds it would allow them to do so without fear of federal prosecution for violating narcotics laws.  Gillibrand says current federal laws ignore the health benefits of medical marijuana... and, get in the way of scientific progress.  Gillibrand adds that federal drug laws restrict scientific research that goes into use of the drug... and, she says they don't allow transparent financing for medical dispensers -- which has forcing those in the business to operate it as a "cash-only business."  She, along with Senators Cory Booker and Rand Paul, announced the bipartisan medical marijuana bill on Tuesday.

Cuomo restates his contention that ethic's reform be part of 2015-16 State Budget...

Governor Andrew Cuomo is again insisting that his legislative ethics reforms be included in the state budget... saying he's ``not willing to sacrifice'' the proposals as he negotiates a final budget with top lawmakers.  Speaking in Rochester Wednesday... Cuomo said he also wants to see the $142-billion state budget include his proposals to overhaul teacher evaluations and tenure rules.  The Democratic governor's comments are an indication that he's taking a hard line as budget talks enter their final weeks.  Cuomo's ethics proposal includes requiring lawmakers to detail their outside income... and, submit receipts for their daily food and lodging expenses.  Lawmakers have objected to Cuomo inserting so many big policy ideas into the budget, which they hope to approve by April 1st.

Hundreds attend Education Rally in Albany...

Hundreds of public school students and parents rallied yestereday afternoon at the state Capitol in Albany to urge lawmakers to boost school funding and reject Governor Andrew Cuomo's education reforms.  Cuomo has suggested $1.1-billion in additional education spending -- but only if lawmakers agree to implement tougher tenure rules, teacher evaluations more reliant on student test performance and the authorization of more charter schools.  Wednesday's rally was organized by the Alliance for Quality Education.  Billy Easton, the group's executive director, called for nearly $2-billion in new school spending.  He says overall funding remains $5.9-billion below levels prescribed in a 2006 court ruling.  Easton said Cuomo's reforms are ``cockamamie'' ideas that will hurt schools.  Last week... thousands of charter school supporters held their own rally to back Cuomo's ideas.



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