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Fire strikes car, then house in Falconer early this morning...

Flames have destroyed a house and car in a fire in the village of Falconer.  Falconer Fire Chief Nick Caldwell says fire crews were called to the scene at 211 East James St. just after 4 this morning.  Caldwell says the vehicle caught fire... then the house caught fire.  He says both were fully-engulfed in flames when they arrived.  A brother and sister living in the house got out safely.  No other injuries were reported.  Falconer was joined at the scene by Kiantone... Gerry... Fluvanna... Kennedy... Ellery Center... and, Busti fire crews.  One engine from Jamestown was also sent to the scene.   The cause is under investigation.

Jamestown Fire Dept. investigating alleged arson fire on West Eighth Street Sunday...

An arson fire has damaged the first-floor and basement of a vacant, two-story home on Jamestown's westside.  City Fire Battlion Chief Don Woodfield says firefighters were called to 306 West Eighth Street shortly after 1:30 yesterday afternoon.  Woodfield says crews had the flames knocked down fairly quickly inside the home... which he says had been condemned for some time.  Woodfield says someone started a fire on the first-floor, and one area had been heavily damaged.  Woodfield says they knocked down the flames fairly quickly... but, due to the building's condition... they wanted to make sure there was no extension into the walls of the structure.  He says they used a water can to knock down the flames... but, brought in a hand-line to check for extension into the walls.  Woodfield says an off-duty shift was called in to assist at the scene... and, man Fire Station-#1.  Firefighters were at the scene until just after 3 PM.  No one was hurt.  Woodfield says it's not yet known if the structure will be torn-down due to it's condition.

Lakewood man wanted for allegedly setting up Meth Labs across the county is arrested in New Orleans...

A Lakewood man accused of operating illegal Methamphetime Labs in the city of Jamestown... and, towns of Busti and Westfield... has been arrested in Louisiana.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say a multi-agency effort led to the arrest of 44 year-old Christopher Swanson of West Summit Avenue in New Orleans this past Saturday morning.  Task Force members say they had received information that Swanson had fled to the New Orleans area... and, contacted Orleans Parish Police.  They arrested Swanson... and, are holding him pending extradiction.

Dunkirk man jailed without bail following drug bust in north county city...

A Dunkirk man has been arrested... and, his car seized... after he was pulled over by police in the north county city for allegedly selling "crack" cocaine and marijuana.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task force and Dunkirk Police had a warrant for 40 year-old Charles Fredrick's arrest... and, a warrant to search his car and house.  Task Force members say hIs car was pulled over on Main Street early last weekend... and, they found with about an ounce of crack... a quantity of marijuana... a scale... and, a large amount of cash.  Fredrick was arrested on two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  His residence was later searched... and, more pot and cash was seized.  Other charges are pending.  Fredrick was arraigned... and, sent to the County Jail without bail.  Anyone with information on illegal narcotics activity is asked to contact the Drug Task Force at 1-800-344-8702.

State lawmakers, Cuomo, reach basic budget agreement...

Top state lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have agreed on a $142 billion budget that increases school funding by $1.4 billion, enhances legislative ethics rules and implements several of Cuomo's education reforms.  The deal announced late Sunday is expected to be voted on by lawmakers early this week.  The increase in school funding is accompanied by revisions to teacher evaluations that Cuomo says will help transform what he says is an ``entrenched education bureaucracy.''  The disclosure rules will require lawmakers to report outside income and, if they are attorneys, their big legal clients.  Some clients would be redacted, however, if the state's court administrator agrees.  Proposals to raise the minimum wage or offer greater property tax relief were dropped from the final budget.

Young says Chautauqua County will have to cut property taxes to have any chance at increase in Sales Tax...

A three-percent property tax cut will be needed if Chautauqua County officials want to increase the sales tax from 7.5-to-8-percent.  That from State Senator Cathy Young... who said early last weekend that a property tax cut has to be part of the bill's language.  Young says Senate Republicans feel "heavy property taxes" suffocate home owners... and, stifle jobs and economic growth.  With that... she says such wording is needed to get it approved.  She says the cut would produce a $2-million property tax cut.  However... Young says that even with the language change... it will not be an easy process to get approval.  County Executive Vince Horrigan is seeking the increase to help close a $6-million structural deficit in 2016... and, to help lower the county's property tax rate.  The county legislature approved  the sales tax increase last Wednesday night, 14-to-4.

After slow start... local Maple season going well...

Spring has struggled to start... but, maple syrup producers are not complaining.  Lloyd Munsee of Big Tree Maple on Holly Lane near Lakewood says they've made a lot of good syrup.  Munsee says they don't want it to get warm quickly... and, the cold nights, and slightly above freezing temperatures during the day are working well.  He adds they boiled until April 10 last year, and will probably go that long this year as well. Linda Fairbanks of Fairbanks Maple, near Forestville, concurs... the season has been good, particularly for light syrup.  That finer syrup used to be known as 'light amber', but a new universal grading system has the same quality syrup labeled as 'golden with a delicate taste'.  The second of the two annual 'Maple Weekends' was held this past Saturday and Sunday.


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