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Gerace warns drivers of slippery roads as Jamestown area gets quick one to two-inches of snow...

We've received a quick 2-inches of snow at our Media One Studios in West Ellicott... and, more is expected on this last day of March.  The snow... and, below-freezing temperatures have slicked up local roadways with several vehicles reported off the road.  There are no warnings or watches in place... but, Sheriff Joe Gerace is advising driving caution today.  He calls this an "early" April Fool's joke.  Gerace is urging drivers to slow down, and brush off those Winter driving skills.  Gerace says the personal injury accident was on Interstate 86 in the town of Ellery earlier this morning.  However... no serious injuries have been reported.  We've also heard about problems with Route 394... and, tractor trailers having trouble on the hill near the Ashville BOCES.  Some parts of the area could see up to 4-inches of snow today.  Road crews are now out. 


East Otto man killed in car-logging truck accident on Route 219...

A Cattaraugus County man was killed when his car crossed into the oncoming lane of Route 219 in the town of Ashford... and, struck a logging truck head-on.  Sheriff's officers in Little Valley say 44 year-old George Peterson of Bowen Road, East Otto... was southbound shortly before 7:30 a.m. Monday when his car crossed the center line for an unknown reason.  Deputies say Peterson's car struck the northbound truck... operated by 43 year-old Scott Timothy of Coudersport, Pennsylvania.  Officers say Peterson was pronounced dead at the scene.  Timothy was taken to Bertrand-Chaffee Hospital in Springville... and, later released.

Goodell still has plenty of concerns over state budget deal, including lack of detail on some key, "non-budget" items...

State lawmakers are preparing to cast votes on key education and ethics provisions in the state budget ahead of a critical deadline.  The Assembly and Senate plan to cast their final votes on the spending plan after what's likely to be a long debate today.  Local Assemblyman Andy Goodell still has concerns about the budget agreement... including the lack of details about some very important non-budgetary items.  Goodell says that the agreement includes education reforms... including a teacher evaluation system that will be worked out by the State Education Department.  He calls that a "mixed blessing" because the Education Department headed up the troublesome roll-out of "Common Core" in the state.  The budget also includes ethics reform.  But, again... Goodell says there are few details that are available at this time.  The Chautauqua County Republican says he's "very disappointed" with the process... which appears rushed.  Goodell says he is pleased that the overall budget holds spending under a 2-percent increase... but, also includes a 6.1 percent increase school aid.  However... there is no word on how much local districts will receive, yet.

Horrigan says he has "no problem" with stipulations being put into Senate measure to allow county to increase it's sales tax to 8-percent...

Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan says he is 'on board' with changes State Senator Cathy Young wants to make to the county's request to increase its sales tax from 7.5-percent to 8-percent.  Young wants to include a 3-percent decrease in the county's tax levy as part of the legislation.  Horrigan says it's something he's in "full support of... " adding that he believes the perception of the county as a 'high-taxed' area needs to change.  Besides lowering property taxes... Horrigan also wants to close the county’s structural deficit that is estimated at nearly $6-million.  He says the county legislature would have to approve any changes in the language of measure requesting the sales tax hike before it is submitted to the state legislature for action.

Schumer calling for legislation to outlaw gender-based discrimination...

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is calling for passage of legislation to outlaw gender-based pay discrimination.  The New York Democrat says a recent study shows that unfairness even extends to nursing, where males are paid more than female counterparts.  The Journal of the American Medical Association study examined salary trends by gender from 1988 to 2008 from a national sample survey of registered nurses.  It shows males earning about $5,100 a year more on average, though females comprise most of the profession. 

Dolce says he'll have Task Force report to Mayor by early next week...

The head of a special panel that's been investigating ways to cut costs and make the city of Jamestown... and, it's Board of Public Utilities more efficient... plans to hand in a preliminary report next week.  City Councilman Tony Dolce chairs the Joint Task Force on Efficiency and Cost Reduction... and, says the group did not meet last week.  However... Dolce says he'll talk with other panel members to get input... and, get the report to Mayor Sam Teresi next Monday or Tuesday.  Dolce says the group has made a lot of headway on two items... one being consolidating operations and maintenance of city and BPU vehicle fleets.  In addition... Dolce says they'll also make a recommendation on the possibility of combined health insurance plans for managers and employees with the city... and, it's Board of Public Utilities.  He says there are some potential directions they may want to take that will produce "some savings down the road."  Mayor Teresi put the task force together... and, asked the panel to hand in a report with preliminary recommendations by April 1.

Reed hopeful that Senate will pass "Doc Fix" bill to boost rural hospitals...

After strong support in the House, Congressman Tom Reed hopes that the Senate will pass the "Doc Fix" bill.  Reed says the legislation includes the Rural Hospital Access Act which would help several smaller hospitals across the Southern Tier... including Westfield Memorial Hospital.  The Corning Republican says it will ensure Medicare-dependent and low-volume hospitals get the reimbursements they should get.  The bill picked up the support of over 390 House members last week.  Reed expects the measure to pass in the Senate, although a vote won't come until after spring recess.  President Obama expects to sign the bill once it reaches his desk.



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