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WJTN News Headlines

A third person is still being sought in connection with last Friday morning's home invasion-robbery on Jamestown's southside.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the incident occured at 76 Pershing Avenue about 1:35 AM when three men allegedly forced their way into the home... and, bound the victim with duck tape before beating the person.  Samuelson says the suspects wore masks... and, were armed with a machete and billy club.  He says they stole a number of items... including a safe, clothing and cash.  Samuelson says their investigation led to the arrest of 22 year-old Robert Ellsworth in Ashville... and, a 17 year-old male on Wicks Avenue in West Ellicott.  Ellsworth is charged with first-degree robbery... and, burglary.  The juvenile is charged with criminal possession of marijuana.  The victim is being treated at the Hamot Medical Center in Erie, Pennsylvania.  If you have any information on the incident... and, the whereabouts of the third suspect... call city police at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.


A fiery crash in the town of Sherman early last weekend sent a Sherman resident to an Erie, Pennsylvania hospital for treatment of serious injuries.  Sheriff's officers say 22 year-old Kasey Erhard of Nettle Road was found trapped inside the vehicle just before Midnight last Saturday.  Deputies say officers on patrol in the area spotted a large amount of motor vehicle debris on the roadway... and, checked the area.  Officers say they found the car off the westside of the road in a drainage ditch.  The vehicle was heavily-damaged and the engine compartment had caught fire.  Deputies used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out.  The Sherman Fire Department was called out... and, help extricate Erhard from the vehicle.  Erhard is being treated for non-life threating injuries.  Officers say charges are pending.


A judge says a federal prosecutor went too far in criticizing New York's former Assembly speaker after his arrest... but, not so far the indictment must be tossed out.  Democratic ex-Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's lawyers wanted the public corruption charges against him dismissed. U.S. District Judge Valerie Caproni rejected that request on Friday.  But... the judge criticized U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (bahr-AHR'-ah), saying she didn't condone the ``government's brinkmanship'' or the ``media blitz'' prosecutors orchestrated after Silver's arrest.  The judge even attacked tweets the prosecutor's office sent.  She noted the risks that facts will be read in isolation when they are sent on a platform that limits messages to 140 characters.  Bharara's office has said his comments weren't unusual or prejudicial.


New York may be enjoying a budget surplus... but, small cities across the state have fallen still-further behind on revenue-sharing.  That from Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi... who says he's happy to see school districts getting a bump in aid this year to help hold down property taxes.  However... while schools have seen increases the past couple of years... local municipalities have seen no increases in Aid and Incentives to Municipalities -- or AIM Funding -- since 2009. Teresi says all municipalities took a 10-percent cut in AIM Funding in 2009... and, another slight decrease in 2010.  He says they haven't seen any further cuts since then.  That's because the state was running deficits at that time.  However... Teresi says another surplus is forecast... and, it's a "different picture now" financially.  In fact... he says the state received just over 5-billion dollars in settlement monies from the health care industry.  Teresi says the state Conference of Mayors... and, other organizations... have all lobbied for increased aid.  He made his comments for this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton's bid for the Oval Office.  Cuomo announced his support for Clinton's candidacy Sunday, the day the former first lady, secretary of state and U.S. senator from New York formally launched her campaign.  ``Hillary Clinton has been a lifelong champion for middle-class families, an advocate for the underserved, and a fighter for civil rights.  She is a tested leader with the resilience and experience to be a great president,'' Cuomo said in a statement.  Until recently... the Democratic governor was widely believed to be eyeing a run for the White House himself.  Cuomo's relationship with the Clintons goes back to his time working in and later leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton.


The New York health exchange says uninsured residents have until April 30 to enroll for coverage even though the open enrollment period for 2015 has ended.  State health officials say they are also working with state and federal tax agencies to provide information to income tax preparers to share with clients.  They note the federal tax penalty for not having health insurance in 2015 will increase to 325-dollars per adult in a household or two percent of their income, whichever is greater.  Others can qualify for special enrollment through the health exchange following a qualifying event like losing insurance along with a job or spouse, aging off a parent's insurance, new citizenship or moving into the state with new insurance options.  For more information... go on-line to NYStateofhealth-dot-NY-dot-GOV.


The now-infamous statue of Lucille Ball that touched off a firestorm of controversy has drawn dozens of people to the tiny village of Celoron daily since the story went national -- then international.  Mayor Scott Schrecengost says people have stopped by the location -- on the edge of Lucille Ball Memorial Park -- almost 'non-stop' since the press conference he held at the Community Center last Tuesday morning.  Schrecengost wanted to set the record straight on where the life-sized statue came from... and, how it got there. Schrengost adds they've also had a lot of interest shown in the statue... and, by sculptors who want to make a new one for free.  He says that means they won't likely to a make-over of the current bronze sculpture.  Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania's Jackie Johnson says she doesn't want the figure changed -- even from the shoulders up.  She says it's 'all about comedy' so "why change it now?"  Westfield's Ashley Osterstuck came to see the statue because of all the controversy... and, agreed the current statue looks "a little frightening... " adding the face really doesn't look anything like Lucy. 


Legislation to ban the use of certain chemicals in toys may get another chance in New York state before lawmakers adjourn in June.  The measure would require manufacturers to phase out the use of chemicals deemed harmful, such as benzene, mercury and cobalt.  The bill passed the Assembly last year but didn't get a vote in the Senate.  Republican Senator Phil Boyle and Democratic Assemblyman Steve Englebright have reintroduced the measure this year.  The Toy Industry of America opposes the bill, noting that toy makers are subject to federal regulations and that state-based rules would create a confusing patchwork of requirements.  Some businesses are backing the bill, including Seventh Generation, a Vermont-based household goods company.  A Seventh Generation official went to the Capitol Thursday to push for the legislation.