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Sheriff says charges are pending against driver of car involved in high-speed fatal crash in North Harmony...

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's office expects to place charges against an Ashville man involved in a crash on Butts Road in the town of North Harmony Saturday night that claimed the life of an Elma man.  Sheriff Joe Gerace says that an accident reconstruction team was sent to the scene of the crash involving a sports type vehicle driven by 24-year-old Patrick Grimm of Ashville.  His passenger, 23-year-old Darrin Power, died in the crash. Gerace says the vehicle was traveling at a very high rate of speed at the time of the crash.  He says damage to the vehicle was "unbelievable."  Grimm was treated at WCA Hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  Gerace would not say what kind of charges will be placed against the driver at this time, since the investigation is continuing.

City man arrested for allegedly threatening eastside residents with bb-gun...

A Jamestown man faces a menacing charge after allegedly threatening his eastside neighbors with what was later determined to be a bb-gun.  City police were called to the scene at 20 Bush Street shortly before 4:30 Monday afternoon on a report of the man threatening other people.  Officers say two of the victims directed them to a place where four people were sitting... and, one fit the description of the suspect.  Police later detained 19 year-old Tyree Holland and secured the bb-gun... which looked like a rifle.  The victims say Holland came outside... and, allegedly pointed the gun at them while they were in a truck.  He's being held on two counts of second-degree menacing pending arraignment.

City Council accepts $112, 000 grant for put more surveillance cameras downtown...

The city of Jamestown has accepted a $112,000 grant from a local foundation to fund several overhead surveillance cameras in the downtown area.  The City Council last night voted to accept the grant from the Johnson Foundation... which will come to the city through the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation.  Second-Ward Councilman Tony Dolce expressed his appreciation to the foundation's John and Carol Sellstrom for their significant contribution.  Dolce calls it another "tool" to combat the drug and crime issues in the city.  City officials say the camera's would be located at the intersections of Main and Harrison Streets in Brooklyn Square... North Main and Sixth Streets... North Main and Eighth... Fourth and Pine Streets... Winsor and Second Streets... and, Winsor and English Streets.  Police Chief Harry Snellings says the police department hopes to have the new cameras up and operating by the end of Summer.  Dolce says the next step will be drawing up specifications, and putting the project out to bid.

Inside: Chautauqua Institution's first tour of Amphitheater given to show residents issues that need to be addressed...

A structural engineer is advising Chautauqua Institution to shore up the Amphitheater before next winter.  Institution Architect and Operations Director, John Shedd, conducted the first of a series of Amp tours Monday morning.  He told the 75 people on hand that the engineer was called in after an exterior beam snapped last winter.  Protecting against snow and wind are the main issues.  Shedd says they'll need install cross-bracing from the top of one column to the bottom of the one across from it to properly support the structure.  Part of the problem is the columns that support the main structure appear to be rooted in nothing more than dirt... and, the bottom is "sliding."  Shedd says they are slipping towards Chautauqua Lake on the bottom.  Shedd says some of the columns have drifted as much as four inches.  He also says the concrete floor of the Amphitheater is always shifting.  Amp tours will be available each Monday at 8 a.m.  Additional programs are set for Wednesdays and Fridays at that same hour in the Hall of Christ.   The series was set up after plans for a new Amp raised a storm of controversy in the off-season.  The Board of Trustees could vote on the plans in late August.

Vocal opponent locally of Same Sex Marriage says SCOTUS decision not grounded in U. S. Constitution...

A staunch opponent of same-sex marriage is blasting the liberal members of the U-S Supreme Court for basically 'legislating from the bench' in it's ruling on gay marriage.  Local Pastor Mel McGinness of Kiantone Congregational Church adds, though, that he is not surprised by the 5-to-4 ruling.  Justice Anthony Kennedy siding with the four liberal members of the court.  McGinness says Kennedy's move "stacked the deck" against same-sex opponents.  He says they "trumped the will of the people in the states" that have bans in place.  McGinness says he would have liked to see the high court give the matter back to the states because there is nothing in the U-S Constitution that addresses marriage.   He says the liberal judges ignored what the Constitution says... and, moved their own "personal agenda."  McGinness says -- barring a legislative move by Congress -- he and other like-minded pastors need to speak up on "what marriage is."  Moving forward... McGinness says the ruling puts "religous liberty" in jeopardy... and, he urges the church to be prepared for that battle.

Rabb admits to being "giddy" about Same Sex Marriage ruling...

The only openly gas elected-official in Western New York says he is "thrilled" by last Friday's Supreme Court ruling in favor of same sex marriage.  In fact... Jamestown City Council President Greg Rabb says he was still "giddy" early last weekend over the 5-to-4 decision.  Rabb says he's been working for marriage equality since he was a young man... and, first saw a major step taken in 2011 when the state legalized it.  He calls it a "major step towards equal rights for all."  Rabb says he heard about the ruling during a newcast on his car radio... and, says he didn't know whether to cry or smile.  The council President has presided over hundreds of marriages as a Marriage Officer for the city... many of them same sex couples since New York's 2011 action.  Rabb says he doesn't mind if he's put "out of business" because people can now stay in their home-state to get married.  Prior to the Supreme Court ruling... 36 of the nation's 50 states recognized same sex marriage... including New York State. 


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