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Two people seriously hurt when their bicycles are struck by van that crosses center line on Jamestown street...

A Jamestown woman has been charged with failure to keep right after her van struck two women bicyclists -- seriously injuring both -- on the city's westside.  Jamestown Police say they were called to the scene at West Eighth and Lafayette Streets about 12:30 p.m. Saturday.  Officers say the driver of the van... 30 year-old Tanya Critzer... told them she was distracted by children in her van.  Police say the eastbound vehicle crossed into the on-coming lane of traffic... and, struck both bikes.  Officers say both riders were rushed to WCA Hospital for treatment... with one being flown by Starflight Helicopter to the Erie County Medical Center futher treatment.  In addition to failure to keep right... Critzer is also charged with failure to use due care for a bicyclist.  Police add more charges are pending.

Ellington man arrested, jailed for allegedly selling heroin to undercover drug agents...

An Ellington man is jailed without bail for allegedly selling heroin to undercover police with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force.  Task Force agents say they raided the home of 28 year-old James Boardman of Hagerdon Hill Road last Friday night.  But... officers say Boardman tried to escape by running into a wooded area behind the house.  Task Force members were able to take him into custody a short time later.  They accuse Boardman of selling Heroin to task force members several times in the town of Ellicott, and other areas of southern Chautauqua County.  He was arraigned on charges of third-degree criminal sale and possession of a controlled substance... and, sent to the county jail pending further court action.

Southern Tier Drug Task Force also arrests two people in Jamestown...

Undercover drug officers with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force also arrested two people from Jamestown late last week following an investigation into Heroin sales.  Task Force agents say they raided a home at 32 Franklin Street late last Thursday... and, arrested 35 year-old Maylee Nunez, and 32 year-old Christian Opio... without incident.  Officers say drug agents made several undercover drug purchases from both resdients.  They were both arraigned in City Court on one count each of third-degree criminal sale, and possession of a controlled substance.  More charges are pending.  Both were sent to the County Jail... where both posted $5,000 bail.  If you have any information on illegal drug activity... call the task force at 1-800-344-8702.

Scandinavian Folk Festival closes successful run in Gerry Sunday...

It may have been hot and muggy much of the past weekend... but, it gave people a chance to get outside, and enjoy the 14th annual Scandinavian Folk Festival in Gerry.  The event concluded yesterday afternoon at the Rodeo Grounds off Route 60... and, organizers were pretty pleased with the outcome.  Scott Axelson with the festival committee says they had "great attendance" for all three-days.  Axelson says they were very happy with the turn-out for the "Mid-Summer Celebration" part of the festival Saturday morning.  He says they had the mid-summer dance because the rain held off this year.  The Mid-Summer Celebration began with putting up the Mid-Summer Pole at the Rodeo Grounds.  Axelson says there was also good attendance for all three performances by the Abba tribute band, "Dancing Dream" on Friday and Saturday nights and Saturday afternoon.  He says their exhibits and demonstrations were also well attending... including a special talk regarding Swedish bakeries in Jamestown.  Axelson says his father, and Rick Ecklof put on that discussion.  In fact... Ecklof's is considered the last remaining Swedish bakery in Jamestown.

Medicaid expands by 1.1-million people in New York state this year...

New York has added 1.1-million people to Medicaid since the state health exchange opened last year in the national effort to connect the uninsured with low-cost coverage.  More than 6.2-million New Yorkers are now enrolled, almost one-third of its 19 million people.  The Affordable Care Act pushed many states to expand eligibility for government-funded health coverage, but New York was there already.  It only had to raise the income threshold for single adults.  But many other New Yorkers, already poor enough to qualify, also enrolled.   Also, the new computerized system cut the ``churn'' that was annually kicking many eligible people out.  Medicaid in New York costs about $63.5-billion this year, almost half the state budget.  Cost-cutting and federal reimbursements kept the state share at $22.5 billion.

Jamestown Soap Box Derby winners in Akron for week leading up to national and world championships...

The two champions of the Jamestown-Area Soap Box Derby are enjoying the sights and other activities in the Akron, Ohio area leading up to this weekend's national and world championships.  Bryce Larson won the local Super Stock Division at Sinatra Soap Box Derby track at Diethrick Park.  Both Larson and Stock Division Winner Damon Vincent threw out of the first-balls at this past week's Jamestown Jammers game.  Larson tells us he's ready to go... and, was looking forward to the week leading up to the racing as well, which was to include a stop at the Cedar Point amusement park.  Larson feels he's ready because he had to beat out about 20 others at the local competition.  He says he made it to the local finals through the Winner's Bracket -- so he's got a good car.  Vincent tells our Terry Frank that he's also ready to go.  Larson says his car's been "tuned in..." and, he hopes to put Jamestown back on the Soap Box Derby championships in Akron."

State DEC issue plan to deal with Aquatic Invasives...

State conservation authorities have issued a plan for fighting invasive species in the state's waterways that include aggressive non-native animals and plants.  The DEC says the statewide management plan updates the framework from 1993.  Animals like the zebra mussel, spiny waterflea and round goby have come to the U.S. in the ballast water of oceangoing ships, with New York particularly vulnerable through the Great Lakes and canal system.  The plan lists priority actions like expanding the network of stewards checking boats at launches... and, expanding use of disposal stations for removed species.


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