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Three people, one a juvenile, arrested in Jamestown drug bust...

Three people have been arrested following a drug raid on Jamestown's westside early this afternoon.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force... as part of it's on-going investigation of reported narcotics trafficking... raided the upstairs apartment at 248 Broadhead Ave.  Samuelson says they arrested 30 year-old Rocco Beardsley... a unidentified 17 year-old female... and, 29 year-old Brandon Smith.  He says they also found just over 60-grams of powdered cocaine... which is says is a "substantial" amount of the drug... and, a quantity of crystal methamphetime.  Both Beardsley and the 17 year-old girl face two counts each of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance... while Smith was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession... a misdemeanor.  All three are jailed pending arraignment.  Samuelson says their anonymous tip-line continues to help them slow the trafficking of narcotics in the city.  The phone number is 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.

New York City-area man arrested in connection with August stabbing in Jamestown...

A Brooklyn, New York man has been arrested in Jamestown for allegedly stabbing another man during an assault last August 7th on the city's westside.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says they received information that the alleged suspect may have returned to the scene of the incident at 114 West Seventh St.  Samuelson says... in recent days... they had learned that suspect -- now identified as 28 year-old Joshua McKinney -- had been known to be traveling between Jamestown... and, his hometown area.  He was found hiding in a closet... and, arrested.  A second man was also arrested for alleged obstruction.

Gasoline prices drop a penny in Jamestown-area this week...

Gas prices in the Jamestown-area are continuing their downward trend... but, have only dropped a penny a gallon over the past week.  That from the AAA's weekly Fuel Gauge Report... which says the price for a gallon of regular, unleaded fell from $2.76 to $2.75 this week.  The price was based on reports from 19 local service stations.  However... one station in the Jamestown area had dropped it's price to $2.71 Tuesday.  The AAA says the national average is now $2.47 a gallon.  The Fuel Gauge Report says that prices continue to drop... and, most drivers should pay the lowest gas prices for Labor Day weekend since 2004.  Drivers nationwide continue to benefit from the relatively low price of crude oil with today’s average about 96-cents per gallon less than a year ago. 

Gerace urges drivers to be safe; it may still be Summer... but, children are heading back to school...

Six Chautauqua County School districts began the new school year today... even though it still look and feels very much like Summer.  That from Sheriff Joe Gerace... who says motorists especially have to get "back into the mode" of realizing that school buses are on the road again.  Gerace says this year's school starts are not 'universal' because Labor Day is late.  However... he says keep in mind you'll be seeing buses pretty most days now through late next June, so it's time for drivers to be in "the mode of having school buses on the road again."  Gerace says motorists need to keep in mind the "precious cargo" that's on board those school buses... and, the fact that you must stop when the red lights come on those buses.  He says it's "our obligation as motorists to yield to that school bus... and, stop for those red-lights."  Gerace says any driver who goes through a school buses red lights face "serious fines..." and, could even lose their driver's license.  He says it's one of the most serious, "non-misdemeanor" vehicle and traffic infractions on the book. 


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