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County water official says Blue-Green Algae a major problem on Findley Lake; just becoming a problem on Chautauqua Lake...

The Blue-Green Algae blooms that have pretty much been kept away from Chautauqua Lake this Summer have returned in the south basin... and, there are large ones confirmed on Findley Lake.  That from Water Resource Specialist Bill Boria with the Chautauqua County Health and Human Services Department.  Boria confirms the most recent findings by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.  He says the blooms on Chautauqua Lake move around a lot due to the wind and wave activity.  Boria says the center area of the south basin, at last report, tested positive for the algae.  He says there are a few, smaller ones in the north basin.  He says the Blue-Green Algae "mats" on Findley Lake are concentrated along the shoreline... and, the DEC has posted warnings.  Boria says... this is not a new phenomenon... but, he adds caution should be exercised around those "mats" because research has shown that the algae emits a toxin if it's ingested by humans or animals... and, it can also cause a rash on the skin.  He says the Blue-Green Algae has been a much bigger problem on Findley Lake than Chautauqua Lake this Summer.

Chautauqua County has first report of West Nile Virus in Mosquito pool in town of Kiantone...

Chautauqua County officials have received confirmation from the state Department of Health that one mosquito pool of 10 adult mosquitos collected earlier this month has tested positive for West Nile Virus.  County Health and Human Services Director Christine Schulyer says the pool was tested last September 3rd in the town of Kiantone, at the Jamestown Audubon Society.  Schuyler says this mosquito species... that tested positive... primarily bites birds.  She says this is only the fifth mosquito pool from Chautauqua County that has tested positive for West Nile since 2001.  Schulyer says residents should not be "alarmed" by the news... but, she adds that these findings do reinforce the fact that there is a continuing threat of transmission in the county.  It is important that everyone take precautions... such as wearing protective clothing... to reduce exposure to mosquito bites.  For more information... go on-line to www.co.chautauqua.ny.us... or call 753-4481.

No injuries reported in three-car accident on Chautauqua Lake Bridge due to visability issues...

The early morning sun is being blamed for a three-car... chain-reaction accident in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 86 on the Chautauqua Lake Bridge.  Sheriff's officers say 68 year-old Mary Rappole of Chautauqua was near the center of the bridge just before 7:30 a.m. when she slowed due to the sun getting in her eyes.  Deputies say the driver of another eastbound car, 49 year-old Jeffrey Kimbel of Westfield, did not see Rappole slowing... and, struck the rear of her car.  Officers say visability was also a problem for the third driver, 17 yeaer-old Kennadee Woods of Mayville, who ran into the back of Gleason's vehicle. There were no injuries... and, the scene was cleared up a short time later... and, traffic returned to normal.

Reed calls on U-S Senate to stop hiding behind procedure, and vote on Iran nuke deal...

Local Congressman Tom Reed is calling on members of the U-S Senate to go on the record... and, vote the Iran Nuclear Deal up or down.  A Senate bill... and, the "Disapproval Bill" approved in the House of Representatives last week... have been stalled by procedural moves.  Democrats blocked a vote for the second time last night.  The Republican Majority Leader in the Senate said earlier in the day that he wanted to have a final vote as soon as possible.  Reed says it's time to vote on a resolution before the end of the week.  He says it's only fair to the people they represent.  Reed was one of the 269 members of Congress who voted against the Iran deal... which would lift monitary sanctions against the Middle Eastern nation Iran in exchange for monitoring and restricting Iran's nuclear program.  Reed has opposed the deal... brokered by the Obama Administration... since it was first announced.  He made his comments during his weekly telephone Conference Call with Southern Tier Media.

Wu is new advisor to State Attorney General's office...

A Columbia Law school professor who ran for lieutenant governor last year is joining state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office as a special adviser focusing on technology and Internet policy.  Tim Wu's appointment was announced late Monday by Schneiderman's office.  Wu coined the term ``net neutrality'' and his work focuses on free speech... Internet regulations... and, antitrust law.  He will take a leave of absence from Columbia University while working for Schneiderman.  Wu ran for lieutenant governor in 2014, losing to Kathy Hochul in the Democratic primary.


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