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JPD now looking for "Serial Arsonist" who alleged set five fires... including the two this past Wednesday...

The two fires early Wednesday morning that destroyed two vacant houses on Jamestown's northside appear to be the work of a "serial arsonist."  That from City Police Captain Bob Samuelson... who says the fires at 1052 North Main Street... and, 866-1/2 Spring Street... seem to fit into a pattern similar to one this past Christmas Eve day that damaged another structure at 1054-1/2 North Main.  Samuelson says all these fires date back to at least October of 2014.  He says they believe that one person is responsible, based on the information they have.  Samuelson adds they do have a "person of interest" in the case.  He says the October 2014 arsons took place at 230 McKinley Avenue on Oct. 23... then a second two-days later at 206 McKinley.  There was also an alleged arson fire at 420 Falconer St. back on May 18th of 2014.  Samuelson says all of the buildings involved were vacant... and, most had been condemned.  The structure at 866-1/2 Spring had already been condemned... and, was torn down immediately.  No injuries were reported in any of the fires.  However... Samuelson says they are no less dangerous to neaby structures... and, to the firefighters involved.  If you have any information on the case...call  the JPD Tip-line at 483-TIPS... that's 483-8477.

Lake Effect Snow forecast for New Year's Eve through Saturday...

New Year's Eve revelers will have to deal with lake effect snow during their travels tonight... and, the snow will stick around for at least a couple of days.  The National Weather Service is continuing a Lake Effect Snow Advisory now through 12 Noon Saturday.  Meteorologist John Hitchcock says the snow should really start falling by this evening.  Hitchcock says we'll see 1 to 2 inches by evening, and another 3 through 4 inches through early Friday morning.

State's Minimum Wage going up today...

Thousands of workers across New York state are seeing higher wages beginning Thursday.  The state's base minimum wage will rise from $8.75 an hour to $9.  Fast-food workers will see their minimum wage rise to $10.50 an hour in New York City... and, $9.75 elsewhere in the rest of the state.  The base hourly rate for restaurant servers and other tipped workers will increase to $7.50.  New York is one of 16 states increasing minimum wages on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

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