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Two men arrested for alleged possession of Meth and other drugs following traffic stop in Sinclairville...

A Sinclairville man has been arrested following a traffic stop for allegedly being in possession of a quantity of Methamphetime... and, the materials used to make Meth.  Sheriff's officers say they pulled over 21 year-old Jace Warner for allegedly violating vehicle and traffic laws just after 7 p.m. Thursday.  Deputies say they searched the car... and, found several controlled substances -- including Meth and Suboxone.  As a result of the investigation... officers say Warner was arrested on several counts... including fifth and seventh-degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance... and Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamine.  Warner was arraigned in Charlotte Town Court... and, sent to the County Jail on $10,000 bail.  A front seat passenger in Warner's car... Andrew Olson... was found to be in possession of various controlled substances outside the original container, and was also arrested on several counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, possession outside of the original container.  Olson was  also arrested... and, sent to the county jail on $2,000 bail.  The Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force assisted throughout the course of the investigation.

Despondent person talked down from overpass bridge over Thruway in town of Dunkirk...

The state Thruway in the town of Dunkirk was closed for a while late Thursday night while police talked a despondent person off the ledge of the Interstate 90 overpass at Route 60.  Sheriff's officers were called to the scene about 11 p.m., and, found the person outside the safety fence... standing on the ledge of the bridge that passes over the interstate.  The thruway was shut down for a period of time as the incident unfolded... and, contact was made with the despondent subject.  Officers on scene spoke with the subject for some time, eventually persuading the subject to make his way back across the ledge and off the overpass.  The person was taken to Lakeshore Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Reed pleased with outcome of vote on ACA Repeal in Congress, and Senate...

The Affordable Care Act has been a "job-killer..." and, made health care less-affordable for residents in the Southern Tier.  That's why local Congressman Tom Reed voted with the majority in the house for the Senate reconciliation bill to repeal the ACA -- also known as "Obamacare."  While the measure faces a certain veto when it reaches the White House... Reed says it's important for the House and Senate to be on record as opposing the measure... and, he adds "we can do better."  He says it's had a bad impact on jobs, and the ability to afford insurance.  House Speaker Paul Ryan says -- quote -- ``We are confronting the president with the hard, honest truth'' that ``Obamacare doesn't work.''  Democrats called the vote pointless political theater.  However... Reed says it's important during this Presidential Election Year to frame the debate with what's good about the ACA... and, what needs to be replaced.  He says one aspect he wants to see is the ability to buy insurance across state lines.  Reed also says that Tort Reform will also help lower costs.  He made his comments during a conference call with Southern Tier media.

Jamestown School Board approves JHS A'Cappella Field Trip to D.C...

The Jamestown school board has approved the high school A'Cappella Choir's four-day field trip to Washington, D.C. next April.  Board members approved the trip, 4-to-3, following about 45 minutes of discussion and debate at this week's meeting.  The matter was brought up by School Superintendent Tim Mains... who was looking for direction from the board after he felt the time out of school should be limited to one day instead of two.  The trip will take place April 15 -- 18... but, Choir Director Norm Lydell had requested an early release from school the day before.  That will not be part of the trip... but, Lydell says it's not a problem because Thursday Apr. 14 was going to be a travel day anyways.  The discussion included an earlier, 5-to-2 vote to have the trip cut to a day out of school with the time out early on the prior Thursday approved.  However... that was rescinded... and, the second vote was taken.  All board members felt the trip would be beneficial... but, were concerned about the two days off from school... especially because it was planned two weeks before students take their Advanced Placement Exams.

North County woman arrested for alleged theft from Lakewood Wal-Mart...

A Dunkirk woman is jailed on $6,000 bail on numerous charges after allegedly leading police on a car chase through three towns after she allegedly stole items from the Lakewood Wal-Mart Supercenter.  State Police in Jamestown say 37 year-old Tanya Boyd was arrested this past Saturday after her car ran over 'stop sticks' put down by police in Route 60 to end the chase.  Troopers say they had observed a car in the Kennedy-area matching the description of the vehicle involved in the Wal-Mart larceny... and, then a vehicle pursuit by Ellicott Town Police.  Police tried to stop her... but, Boyd drove off on Route 62... and, had a flat tire from the stop sticks and was arrested.  She was found to be in possession of the stolen property... and, faces charges including fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property... reckless driving... and, three counts of Unlawfully Fleeing a Police Officer in a Motor Vehicle.  Boyd was arraigned in Ellicott Town Court... and, sent to the County lock-up.

Gas prices drop slightly locally, fall below $2 mark nationally...

Gasoline prices in Chautauqua County continue to drop... while the national average has now fallen below $2 a gallon.  The AAA's Fuel Gauge Report says the local price has fallen to $2.25 per gallon for regular, unleaded... just under a penny a gallon.  AAA says that's based on reports from 19 service stations in the Jamestown area.  The price was $2.81 per gallon this time last year.  The Fuel Gauge says the national average is now $1.99.  That's the cheapest average since March 25, 2009... and, is due to an abundance of crude oil.  Pump prices are down by 22 cents a gallon on the year.  AAA says "market fundamentals" are positioned to continue to support consumer savings in 2016... though retail averages are likely to increase leading up to the summer driving season.

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