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Two Jamestown-area men have been arrested during a raid in the town of Busti for allegedly running a Methamphetime operation.  Agents with the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force say they were joined by other agencies -- including Lakewood-Busti Police -- for the raid at 29-97 Burton Road.  Task Force members say entry was made just before 5 PM yesterday without incident.  The warrant was based on information uncovered by the Southern Tier Task Force, and Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force.  As a result of the search... police say a quantity of equipment and other items used in the production of "Meth" were found.  Task Force members say they arrested 54 year-old Jimmie Williams of the Burton Road address... and, 33 year-old Adam Swanson of Institute Street, Frewsburg.  The State Police C-C-SERT Team was called to the scene to collect the toxic materials that are produced during the production of methamphetamine.  Officers say they also found two children, ages 5 and 9, inside.  Both Williams and Swanson are charged with one count each of third-degree Unlawfully Manufacturing Methamphetamine... and, endangering the welfare of a child.  Both men were arrested pending further court action.  Swanson was first taken to Jamestown... where he was sought on an unrelated warrant.


The Jamestown Community College Board of Trustees has approved the offer of a local developer to buy the Sheldon House, and convert it into an office building.  However... Lynn Development would first have to get a waiver from the city because the property is only zoned for residential use.  JCC's Vice-President of Enrollment, Marketing, Communcations, and Athletics, Kirk Young, says the action was taken last week by the board.  Young says the college had sought 250-thousand dollars for the building and property it's located on. Young says there's not a lot of detail that's been given by Lynn as to what they want to use the property for -- aside from office space for the services they provide.  However... since Lynn is reportedly not seeking to have the Sheldon House used for residential purposes... they would require a waiver from the city's Zoning Board of Appeals.  That would have to be granted first... then Lynn's request, and proposal would have to be approved by JCC's three sponsoring entities... the Jamestown City Council... the Chautauqua County Legislature... and, the Cattaraugus County Legislature.


A group of residents on the city's northside has already come out in opposition to Lynn Development's plans to convert the Sheldon House into office space.  Members of the Lakeview Avenue Community Action Project were at last night's City Council Work Session to express that opposition.  Lakeview group Spokesman Paul Leone says they're "very concerned" about what's being proposed... and, have two issues with it. Leone, and two others on hand for the work session, emphasized the amount of work the Action group has done in trying to improve that northside neighborhood.  However... he feels -- if the waiver for office use is approved -- the impact will be felt beyond Lakeview Avenue.  Mayor Sam Teresi and Council members told Leone that if the proposal is rejected by the Zoning Board of Appeals... the project will likely die.  However... Teresi says the sale must also be approved by all three bodies that sponsor JCC -- including the City Council.  He adds the SUNY Board must also okay the sale.


The Lake Effect Snow that pounded northern Chautauqua County Sunday and Monday is gone... but, another storm system is on the way.  That from the National Weather Service... which discontinued our initial Lake Effect Snow Warning late yesterday afternoon.  Forecaster Dave Thomas in Buffalo says, though, we are now under a Lake Effect Snow Warning for early this afternoon, through the day Wednesday.  He adds another cold front will cross the area. Thomas says once the front moves through... the area will see between a foot to a foot-and-a-half of snow in the persistant Lake Snow areas.  In the immediate Jamestown-area... he says we could see up to 9-inches.  Thomas adds we'll see winds of 20 to 30 MPH... with gusts up to 40... and, adds that'll produce blowing and drifting snow.  He adds that'll be enhanced by the amount of snow already on the ground from the first storm system.  Thomas says the wind chills and colder temperatures will really take hold by Wednesday... when our high will only be 10 to 12-degrees.


A structure fire early Monday morning in the town of Busti has destroyed an "out-building" at a well-known dairy farm.  Busti Fire Chief Mike Volpe says crews were called to the Kidder Farm at 837 Shadyside Road about 4:20 AM.  Volpe says they found flames shooting from "Silo Bunker" used to store feed... and, a front-end loader. Volpe says they were joined at the scene by firefighters from Lakewood, Panama, Ashville, Kiantone, and Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania.  He says Celoron was on stand-by.  He says it took about an hour-and-a-half to bring the blaze under control.  Crews were there until about 7 AM.  No one was hurt... and, the cause remains under investigation.  Volpe says... despite the cold weather... they had no problems running a tanker shuttle from the five-corners of Busti to get water to the scene.


New York's graduation rate increased slightly to 78.1-percent last year... but, remained below the national rate of 82 percent.  The state Education Department says Monday the four-year graduation rate for students who began high school in 2011 was 1.7 percentage points higher than for the previous class.  But... the department says it's still concerned by the nearly 7 percent of students, around 15,000 of them, who dropped out of high school.  The majority of those dropping out were black or Hispanic and from economically disadvantaged families.  Last month, federal education officials put the U.S. high school graduation rate at 82 percent. Leading the way was Iowa, with a graduation rate of nearly 91 percent.  The District of Columbia had the lowest rate, 61 percent.


Local Congressman Tom Reed says he wants to see President Obama talk about the economy, and growing jobs during his final State of the Union Address tonight.  The Corning Republican says he also wants to make sure his 23rd Congressional District "isn't left behind because of the President's failed policies."  Reed says the economy and boosting manufacturing remain his top priorities. Reed says there have been areas of common ground found between the President and Republican's in Congress.  One is the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation -- or RAMI Act... which he authored... and, says will bring about 610-million dollars in new, local investments in photonics.  Reed says his guest will be Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan... a retired U-S Air Force Colonel.  He says having Horrigan on hand helps in two ways.  One is the perspective of a local government leader... and, the other is the perspective of a former military leader on keeping the troops strong, and safe.  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.


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