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Reed urges Senators to approve Security Act so intelligence agencies share information on refugees...

The county's Congressman is calling on the U-S Senate to approve new security measures to more fully-vet refugees coming to the U-S from war-torn Syria and Iraq.  Corning Republican Tom Reed says the 'American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act" is a "common sense" policy to make sure Americans are kept safe from potential terrorists blending in with refugees.  Reed says the measure should be taken up by Senators late this week.  He says it would at least guarantee a strong and coordinated effort to ensure that security risks are "highly mitigated."  Reed says the Foreign Enemies Act calls for certification for each refugee coming into American by several agencies... including the FBI... and, Department of Homeland Security.  While refugees are being "vetted" at his point... Reed says members of those agencies say they aren't sharing that information the way they should.  He supported the measure when the House acted on it late last year.  Reed says the Senate will need 60 votes to pass later this week.  He made his comments during his weekly Media Conference Call.

City man jailed for allegedly trying to rob man on city's eastside...

One of two men who allegedly tried to rob another man on Falconer Street in Jamestown early Tuesday morning is jailed... pending further court action.  City police say they were called to the scene at the corner with Lakeview Avenue just after 4 a.m. on a report of the victim being assaulted by two men.  Officers say the victim was able to describe one of the alleged assailants... and, that was given to an Ellicott Officer in the area.  That officer found and detained a man matching the description.  The victim then identified the suspect as 19 year-old Askia Faison, who was charged with second-degree attempted robbery and unlawful possession of marijuana.  He was jailed pending arraignment.  The victim was treated at WCA Hospital.  The investigation is continuing.

Mains says there is mostly good news in Cuomo's 2016-17 budget proposal...

There are three pieces of good news for the Jamestown Public School District in Governor Cuomo's 2016-2017 budget proposal.  That from School Superintendent Tim Mains at last night's school board meeting.  First off... Mains says the district did get school runs before leaving Albany... showing the governor has increased Foundation Aid by about $1-million.  He says that's about a third of the increase the district should be getting... but, adds it's a start.  Mains says Foundation Aid will increase from $43.4-million to $44.3-million under the governor's plan.  He says there are two new Aid catagories the district will benefit from.  One is for $422,000 under the Community Schools Program... which the district has already received a grant for.  That's to "bring agencies and community resources" into the schools to help students at Fletcher Elementary School.  The third item is a new Poverty Initiative program... of which the city of Jamestown will be part of.  He says district children and their families who live at or below the poverty line should benefit from that.

State School Board's Director give's Cuomo's budget plan mixed -- but, mostly positive reviews...

The New York State School Boards Association is giving Governor Cuomo's new budget proposal mixed reviews.  But... overall, Association Executive Director Tim Kreamer calls it a "good starting point."  There's about a one-billion dollar increase in the total school education aid package this year... but, Kreamer says... just to keep current programs and services in place would cost $1.7-billion.  He says that also doesn't even touch new initiatives... and, getting rid of the Gap Elimination Adjustment.  Kreamer says the Governor is proposing a two-year phase out of the GEA because some district's don't have a big problem with that.  But, Senate Majority Leader John Flanigan of Long Island wants it eliminated.  Kreamer says many of those districts that want more "Foundation Aid" include many in Chautauqua County.  He says Cuomo's budget proposal is about 4-billion dollars short in that area.  Kreamer says they'll like a three-year phase-in of that additional money.  The GEA allowed the state to reduce school aid when New York started running deficits.

Kreamer says Cuomo makes a good move giving Common Core back to task force...

The head of the state School Board's Association says the organization is also pleased to see the governor "stepping back" from his involvement in the implementation of Common Core in New York.  Governor Cuomo was highly-criticized last year for pushing state testing, and tying testing to teacher evaluations under the new curriculum.  Tim Kreamer says, this year, Cuomo has recommended moving on 21 recommendations by his Common Core Task Force.

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