WJTN News Headlines

An in-home health care aid from Jamestown has pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining credit cards from a couple she cared for to steal more than 25-thousand dollars in cash and merchandise.  U-S Attorney William Hochul, Junior says 36 year-old Alicia Wilson pled guilty to access device fraud before U.S. District Court Judge Richard Arcara.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Grisanti, who is prosecuting the case, says Wilson applied for credit cards in the names of the elderly couple.  Grisanti says she used the credit cards online... and, at retail establishments in Jamestown and Erie, Pennsylvania... and, withdrew cash from local banks.  She says Bank of America, Capital One and Citizen’s Bank took the losses.  The U-S Postal Inspection Office also took part in the investigation.  Hochul says the charge carries a penalty of 10 years in prison and a 250-thousand dollar fine.  Sentencing is set for next June 27th.


Local Congressman Tom Reed says he was part of a small group of Republican lawmakers who met Monday with Presidential front-runner Donald Trump Monday on Capitol Hill.  Trump was in Washington, D-C to try and win support from a GOP establishment that's been relucant to back him.  Last last week... Reed came out in support of the Billionaire Developer... and, says Monday's gathering was a "positive meeting...." At the same time... Reed says he remains concerned about the rhetoric coming out of... and, surrounding the Trump campaign.  He says that was conveyed during the meeting... because he admits Trump's "plain-talk" can be a double-edged sword.  One the one hand... he says what he feels, on the other... it becomes negative when people oppose his views.  During his weekly telephone conference call... Reed was asked if he had been pressured by Buffalo Developer Carl Paladino to support Trump.  Paladino has vowed to make it difficult for GOP Congress members from New York if they don't support the Trump.  However... Reed says Paladino did not pressure him.


Congressman Tom Reed's Democrat opponent in the Fall election is critical of his backing of Donald Trump.  Jamestown native John Plumb says Trump will weaken our "standing internationally and is putting our military men and women at risk in every geographic combatant commander's area of responsibility."  In a printed release... Plumb also says it's clear that by endorsing Trump, Reed -- quote -- "fully supports Trump's reckless rhetoric that makes our country less safe."  He says it's not surprising because the Corning Republican, he says, voted to shut down the Department of Homeland Security.  Reed would only say that Trump is a much better alternative to Hillary Clinton... especially because it looks like Trump will be the nominee.


Jamestown city lawmakers later this month will consider a parking ticket amnesty program to try and get as much as 494-thousand dollars in accumulated tickets paid up.  Mayor Sam Teresi say it would be the city's first parking ticket amnesty program since 2009... when the city netted 116-thousand dollars.  Teresi says violators would be able to pay the "face value" of those tickets for one-month.  He says, though, you can't have a parking amestry program every year. Teresi provided information on how many people have been scafflows... and, how much they owe.  One person, he says, has racked up one-thousand-and-20 dollars in fines over time.  He says parking enforcement is needed for a number of reasons... the first being public safety.  Teresi says there are also fairness issues when it comes to people parking longer than they should in 2-hour zones.  He says the two city court judges have agreed that they can start the program on April 1st.  City Council will vote on the measure next Monday night.


A Jamestown man has been arrested on several Felony charges after an alleged home invasion early this morning on the city's westside.  City police were called to the scene on West Eighth Street shortly before 1:30 AM on a report of a man with a gun threatening people.  Officers say the witnesses told them that 36 year-old Kenneth Whitney broke into the home.. and, began threatening the occupant with a shotgun.  Police say Whitney then fled the scene... but, was located a short distance away and arrested.  He was arraigned on charges including first-degree burglary... first-degree criminal use of a firearm... criminal possession of a weapon... and, two counts of second-degree menacing.  Whitney was sent to the county jail without bail.


Three cashiers working at Jamestown convenience stores have been arrested for allegedly selling alcoholic beverages to minors.  State Police in Jamestown say they conducted an Underage Drinking Initiative last Thursday, March 17th at a number of retail locations.  Troopers say underage volunteers, under the supervision of State Police members, tried to buy alcohol at those locations.  If they were successful... the cashiers were placed under arrest for selling alcohol to a minor.  A total of nine businesses were investigated... and, three people were arrested.  They were Robert Noe at Noe’s Place on Second Street... Colleen Travis at the Allen Street Grocery and Deli... and, Nichole Hinson at the 7-Eleven store on North Main Street.  All three were issued appearance tickets for Jamestown City Court.