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WJTN New Headlines

The Jamestown City Council will vote later this month on a resolution allowing the Zoning Board of Appeals to lead the environmental review of a plan by Lynn Development to buy the Sheldon House.  A letter was read at last night's work session requesting that designation.  Lynn is asking for a Zoning Variance to allow the property to be used as a professional office building before buying the Sheldon House from Jamestown Community College.  Mayor Sam Teresi says the vote would not be an endorsement of the sale, or proposed change. Some residents along Lakeview Avenue have already voiced their objection to any zoning change for the property... noting it would change the charactor of their neighborhood.  Councilwoman Marie Carubba... who is a member of the JCC Board... says college officials have concern over the neighborhood, but, adds that keeping the Sheldon House is no a longer viable option.  Teresi says the Cattaraugus County Legislature has already approved letting the Jamestown Zoning Board to the environmental review.  The City Council and the Chautauqua County Legislature would still have to act.


A public input session will be held this afternoon on a 5 to 6-million dollar project to make Tracy Plaza more "user-friendly."  Public Works Director Jeff Lehman says they're finishing up improvements to the plaza.. and, that will involve creating some green-space on the plaza.  Lehman says they're seeking state funding through the Consolidated Funding Application program.  He says the informational meeting begins at 4 PM in City Council chambers.  Lehman says they're trying to put in some green "vegetation" to enhance the plaza... and, create better water run-off.


Two Cattaraugus County residents were arrested last weekend for allegedly running an illegal Methamphetime operation out of a home in Gowanda.  Gowanda Police say they, and members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force were called to the scene on Commercial Street shortly before 9 PM Saturday.  Officers say they spotted several materials used to make Meth inside... and, interviewed several people there.  A search warrant was obtained... and, police say they arrested 41 year-old Aaron Diers, and 37 year-old Ryan Pisa.  Both were arraigned in Persia Town Court on one count each of Felony third-degree illegal Manufacturing of Methamphetime... and sent to the Cattaraugus County Jail on 10-thousand dollars bail each.  The state Police C-CERT Team was called in to clean-up the home and remove the hazardous chemicals and lab equipment from the scene.


Chautauqua County's new state of the art, emergency radio communications system has been working better than expected in it's first month of operation.  That from Sheriff Joe Gerace... who says the system allows police and Emergency Services to communcate point-to-point... and, from one end of the county to another.  Gerace says the new, Motorola system is already a big improvement over the 75-percent coverage they had with their old, analog system. Gerace says it's now a matter of local fire departments getting their systems upgraded.  However... he says there are "gateways" in the new system... which allows them to work with current analog radios fire companies have until they are all upgraded by early 2017.  Gerace credited Matt Trusso, their Inter-Operable Radio Communications Operator, and the Department of Emergency Services for helping to get the system tested and on-line.  Gerace adds this system will also save the county money once the FCC narrows the emergency radio band from 12.5 to 6.25 KilaHertz.


The local Red Cross is assisting two adults and three children after a fire on King Road near Forestville late Sunday.  Firefighters from Forestville... Hanover Center... Silver Creek... and, Sunset Bay responded to the blaze around 5 PM at 989 King Road.  According to reports, the fire involved a stove.  There were no injuries, although fire officials say the blaze caused smoke and heat damage inside the home. 


With the fact New York's new budget includes 200-million dollar for the new Athenex drug manufacturing plant... plans will soon be rolled out for the facility.  That from Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan... who says a meeting will be held in the city of Dunkirk a week from Friday on the project.  He says community leaders will be invited to the session with company officials. Horrigan says more details are expected to be released about the facility that will be located just east of the city line in the town of Dunkirk... and, will include the schedule, and types of jobs that will be available.  He calls it a "very exciting" time.  Horrigan spoke more in detail about the plans Monday morning... and, also discussed them on this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.  He says approval of the budget line-item was one of two big ticket items in the new, 156-billion dollar New York state budget.


Local Congressman Tom Reed was part of what he calls an enlightening tour of an off-shore oil and gas rig in the Gulf of Mexico late last week.  Reed... and, six other members of the House of Representatives... were invited by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to go on the trip... about 200 miles off the Gulf Coast.  Reed says it's important for him to see how the process works... and, those directly impacted by it. In addition to Reed... four other Republicans -- including Bill Johnson of Ohio -- were on the trip.  Two Democrats from Texas also came along.  Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, has led energy tours for his peers since he became a House member in 2008.  Reed says the trip was "eye-opening..." especially hearing from the 140 workers on the oil platform.  He says they know what rules and regulations work, and which ones don't.  Reed and the others also met and talked with industry leaders... and, toured a key oil and gas hub that services the offshore industry. 


Republican front-runner Donald Trump says his children will not be able to vote for him in the New York presidential primary because they didn't register in time.  In an interview Monday morning on the Fox News Channel, Trump said his children, Eric and Ivanka, ``feel very, very guilty'' not to have registered, saying they were ``unaware of the rules.''


U-S Senator Bernie Sanders is working Monday's roughly 5-billion dollar settlement with Goldman Sachs over mortgage-backed securities into his New York stump speech.  During a rally yesterday in Albany... the Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont senator said ``this is the system that we have to change.''