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WJTN News Headlines

City lawmakers have approved the Jamestown Department of Development's 2015 Community Development Block Grant... and, HOME Program action plans for 2016.  The unanimous vote took place at Monday night's City Council meeting... and, will bring just over 1.3-million dollars in combined monies to help fund low-to-moderate income housing and infrastructure projects.  City Development Director Vince DeJoy says the CDBG money will go primarily towards five different areas. DeJoy says they've allocated a little less money this year for the demolition of condemned homes.  He says they still have some money left from a grant they got through the State Attorney General's Office.  DeJoy says with approval of the Action Plan... the proposal now goes to the U-S Department of Housing and Urban Development in Buffalo for final approval.  He says that should take place by late Summer or early Fall.  The largest amount of funding... nearly 220-thousand dollars... will be used for the city's Neighborhood Target Area Infrastructure Improvement Program.  DeJoy adds that the HOME Program funding has been increased by about 5-thousand dollars this year to just over 255-thousand dollars.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says tightening campaign finance laws and fighting the heroin epidemic are two of his top priorities as lawmakers near adjournment.  The Democratic governor unveiled a new proposal Tuesday to close a loophole allowing limited liability companies to skirt existing donation limits... and, pump huge sums into political races without much disclosure.  The state Senate has so far blocked efforts to close the loophole.  Cuomo's proposal includes several options for lawmakers, including one that would apply to gubernatorial races only.  Senate Republicans called Cuomo's plan a ``red herring.''  Senate Democrats said the loophole must be closed for legislative candidates as well.  The governor says passing a comprehensive plan to address heroin and opioid use is another priority.  Lawmakers plan to adjourn next month.


The local Special Olympics memorialized late, long-time WJTN Morning man Jim Roselle by naming it's annual track and field meet in Jamestown after him.  The first "Chautauqua County Special Olympics -- Jim Roselle Memorial Meet" was held yesterday morning in honor of Jim's long-time commitment to the organization... and, his fund-raising efforts for it.  Local Special Olympics Coordinator Bob Goold hosted the opening ceremonies at Strider Field... where the games were officially re-named. Goold noted that Jim, every year, would be on hand to host the track and field meet for the better part of four decades.  A special banner was unfurled... renaming the games after Jim... and, it included a picture of Jim on it.  Jim's long-time friend and co-host on the Saturday morning "Times of Your Life" program on WJTN -- Russ Diethrick -- also spoke.  Russ talked about how important the event -- and, competitors were to Jim.  More than 400 special athletes were on hand for the event at Strider Field.


A quick response by Jamestown firefighters early yesterday morning prevented serious damage to a second-floor apartment on the city's southside.  City Deputy Fire Chief Chet Harvey says fire crews were called to the scene at 84 Victoria Avenue just after 1:30 AM.  Harvey says crews spotted flames in the kitchen area of the apartment... and, had the flames doused in about 15 minutes.  Harvey says no one was hurt.  The people living there were alerted by the downstairs residents.  He says there was only minor damage to a wall.  The cause was reportedly electrical in nature.


Gasoline prices in the county have held steady over the past few days... heading into the long, Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.  That from the Triple-A's Fuel Gauge Report... which says the price has gone up since Monday, May 16th... by 9 cents a gallon.  The puts the average price at just under 2-dollars-48 cents per gallon.  Triple-A says 19 local service stations were surveyed for the average price.  At this time last year... the price locally was 2--93.  The national average is now 2-dollars-28 cents per gallon.  The Fuel Gauge Report says gas prices are at their highest point for the year as we approach Memorial Day... and, the national average has increased for 12 days in a row.  Despite that... drivers remain on target to pay the lowest prices for the Memorial Day holiday since 2005.


The mayor of the north county city of Dunkirk is disappointed that Fredonia village officials will no longer be pursuing a combined police facility with the city.  First-Term Democraat Willie Rosas says he believes such a project would benefit both communities... and, adds that that they had a potential site in mind. Fredonia trustees and Mayor Athanasia (Ah-Tha-Naa-See-uh) Landis discussed the issue during a workshop Monday night and determined that having a combined police facility will be too costly.  She cited concerns that included finances.  She says it appears the combined facility will cost about 2-million dollars more than was originally projected.  However... the state has only talked about providing 400-thousand in aid to help.  While disappointed by the outcome... Mayor Rosas says he was pleased that both communities had the dialogue.  He says it means that they are willing to work together to try and do what's "best for both communities."


A group of angry U.S. military veterans lined up in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue to say that Donald Trump would make a ``reckless and dangerous commander in chief.''  Monday's protest on the street below his luxurious apartment was led by a Marine Corps veteran, Alexander McCoy.  McCoy accused the presumptive Republican nominee of being ``a fraud'' for saying he collected $6 million for struggling veterans at a January fundraiser.  He says Trump has failed to show where that money went.  A Trump spokesman says the candidate did raise $4.5 million.  About a dozen anti-Trump protesters held up signs, including one that said, ``Vets vs. Trump.''  They said they were being used as props for the presidential campaign, as well as what they called ``props for hate.''


A bill that would authorize people with terminal illnesses to request life-ending drugs from a physician has cleared a hurdle in New York's state Legislature.  The proposal would require two physicians to certify the patient's illness is terminal.  Physicians could refuse to agree to the request for any reason.  The Assembly's Health Committee passed the bill Monday. It faces significant challenges in the full Legislature... but, advocates hailed the committee's vote as a ``historic'' step.  Supporters say the bill gives suffering patients the freedom to end their lives with dignity but has proper safeguards.  Opponents worry the measure would be abused and say the bill is being rushed through the Legislature without proper study.  Later this year... California will become the fifth state to allow end-of-life assistance.