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Two Buffalo men have been arrested in connection with what Jamestown Police call the "brutal" home invasion-robbery at 188 Falconer Street just over two years ago.  City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says 30 year-old Ernest Bishop, and 27 year-old Ralph Clayton were secretly indicted by the Chautauqua County Grand Jury on 16 charges each... including three counts of first-degree robbery.  The incident occured in the early morning hours of July 1st, 2014.  Samuelson says both were arrested by State Parole and Buffalo authorities. Samuelson says both Bishop and Clayton were prime actors in the incident... which police were called to about 3 AM that day.  One of the alleged suspects fired one round at police... and, an officer returned fire.  Samuelson says one of the men previously convicted in the case suffered a gun-shot wound in the incident... as the six men were trying to escape.  However... it was not a life-threatening wound.  Both suspects were arraigned in county court... and, sent to the Chautauqua County Jail on 500-thousand dollars cash bail each.


A Dallas, Texas man faces numerous charges after allegedly leading police on a two-state car chase that began on Interstate 86 in the town of Sherman.  Sheriff's officers say deputies tried to stop a vehicle on I-86 shortly before 5 last Sunday morning for an equipment violation.  However... officers say the driver failed to comply... and, continued driving west into the state of Pennsylvania.  Once in Pennsylvania... deputies were assisted by state Police in Pennsylvania.  Officers say the car... driven by 27 year-old George Anderson, Junior... continued west onto Interstate 90 West... and, was eventually stopped near Exit 35.  Deputies say Anderson was taken into custody by Pennsylvania State Police, and held on charges.  Chautauqua County deputies also filed an arrest warrant for Anderson.  He'll be extradited back to New York state to face charges at a later date.


It's been a rough two-weeks for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump... who publicly fought with a Gold Star military family... and, finally endorsed some key GOP members of Congress.  It's led some Republicans in Congress to defect... and, say they're going to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.  However... local representative Tom Reed says he's not one of them.  Reed says he's going to continue being a "positive voice" in the campaign, and adds it's basically a two-person race now. Reed says he respectfully disagrees with some New York Republicans... such as Richard Hanna... who say they will be voting for a Democrat for president.  As for Trump finally endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan, and U-S Senator John McCain... Reed says Trump is committed to "The Better Way" policy that was developed by Ryan that pushes tax reform... and, health care reform, among others.  He made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.


U-S Senator Charles Schumer says Congress must return to Washington to take up emergency funding to combat the Zika virus.  The New York Democrat said Sunday that ongoing work on a vaccine could be jeopardized unless lawmakers end their current recess early and approve a $1.9 billion emergency Zika funding bill.  Schumer says he made his request in a letter to House and Senate leadership.  State officials say there have been 537 confirmed cases of Zika in New York so far, though all appear to be connected to travel to affected areas.  Schumer says lawmakers would only have to return to Washington for a single day to approve the funding.  Congress is now scheduled to reconvene in September.


Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan says things are starting to happen when it comes to the Athenex plant near Dunkirk.  Horrigan says work will begin soon on workforce development for the plant that will be located in the town of Dunkirk, just northeast of the city line. Horrigan says all workers at the plant will have to meet standards set by the federal Food and Drug Administration since the plant will be manufacturing anti-Cancer drugs.  He says that's because this is "very high-tech, temperature controlled" production... and, is highly-regulated.  As work continues on the actual design the plant, Horrigan says they expect hiring to get underway in about the next year-and-a-half.  Once in operation... the plant will manufacture high-potency oncology drugs and is expected to generate 900 jobs.


Genetic research over the past 15 years has born out what scientists have believed for many years... as man has moved to higher latitudes... his skin pigmentation is reduced.  That from yesterday's featured lecturer at Chautauqua Institution... Penn State University Professor of Anthropology, Nina Jablonski... who says our ancestors in Africa needed maximum skin pigmentation to protect themselves from the sun's ultra-violet rays.
Jablonski says most of our ancestors from western Europe... and, elsewhere in the more northern climates saw their skin color changes over decades and centuries of time.  As for the future... she says it will likely depend on whether a person and their future generations live -- or don't live - in urban parts of the more northern regions.  She says the newer, urban area residents will be more "brown" in color.  Jablonski spoke with our Dennis Webster, and Matt Warren to begin "Pushing Our Bodies' Limits" week at Chautauqua Institution.


Authorities are warning New York drivers against taking selfies, citing a national review suggesting they are among the most likely to do it.  It's generally illegal except in an emergency to use a handheld mobile device while driving in the Empire State.  Terri Egan, executive deputy commissioner of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, says taking selfies behind the wheel is ``just irresponsible.''  The Auto Insurance Center website says it recently reviewed 70,000 Instagram posts with driving-related hashtags, including #DrivingSelfie, #SelfieWhileDriving, and #HopeIDontCrash.  New Yorkers ranked eighth nationally with 1.29 posts per 100,000 residents.  AAA reports that a driver's eyes may leave the road for at least two seconds to snap a selfie, during which time a car can travel 176 feet at 60 miles per hour.