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Boater on Chautauqua Lake being treated after suffering burns during mishap...
A man boating on Chautauqua Lake was hurt early yesterday afternoon when he was sprayed with hot anti-freeze while trying to fix a problem on his vessel.  Sheriff's deputies say members of their Navigation Team were called to the scene about 12 Noon after the 19-foot long '4 Winn's' boat experienced an overheated engine.  Officers say the unidentified man tried to fix the problem... and, while doing so removed radiator cap... and, was sprayed with the hot liquid.  Deputies say the victim suffered multiple burns on his back, arms, and face.  The Navigation Team responded to the scene and provided first aid.  Bemus Point Fire rescuers were also contacted... and, responded.  The victim was taken to WCA Hospital for further treatment.
International Overdose Awareness Day event being held in Lakewood today...
Today is International Overdose Awareness Day... and, for the first time... an event will take place here in the Jamestown-area.  Ian Eastman of Evergreen Health says International Overdose Awareness Day originated in 2001 in Australia... but, this is the first time a Chautauqua County event is being held.  It begins at 6 p.m. at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood.  Eastman says the local program was prompted by discovery that drug overdoses have now become the second-leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.  The program in Lakewood will feature a number of speakers from different parts of the community.  Eastman says they include Dr. Robert Berke with Family Health Medical Services... and, Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings.  Those attending will also be offered free Narcan training.  Those interested in the training should pre-register by calling 541-0678.
New buyer found for Empire Specialty Cheese, announcement is planned for late September...
A new owner will be introduced during a press conference next month at an Ashville-area cheese factory with the expectation that the current operation will be expanded.  Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan says the county's Industrial Development Agency has been working for some time to find a new buyer for Empire Specialty Cheese... which had fallen on hard times in recent months after initially growing to 95 employees.  Horrigan says it became a matter of not enough cash coming in to cover the inventory.  He says Empire had been able to build up a good customer base, but, needed more cash coming in.  Horrigan says Empire tried to go from a small facility in Conewango Valley to a large one that employed about 200 people.  But... just recently... IDA Executive Director Kevin Sanvidge said that Empire was "out of money..." and, looking at bankruptcy if a new buyer wasn't found.  Horrigan says officials for the new company... which will be identifed during a Sept. 20 press conference... had been looking for this kind of situation.  Empire brought the former AFA Foods facililty in Ashville in 2013.
Downtown Jamestown ice arena now named "Northwest Arena..."
A re-branding of Northwest Savings Bank involving it's former Jamestown Savings Bank division... has led to a new name for the downtown ice arena.  That from Arena General Manager Craig Hinderleider... who says the facility's new name of "Northwest Arena" was completed last weekend.  Hinderleider says it's been a "great experience" to retain the Northwest brand on the arena on West Third Street.  He says all the bank branches have now been re-branded, and he says Northwest has considered them like "one of their branches."  Hinderleider says the transformation has actually been discussed for a few years now... with the first step being the renaming of the former Jamestown Savings Banks to the Northwest Brand.  He says a more formal event to rename the arena will take place in late September... and, they'll go full-speed in promoting the new name.  Northwest Savings Bank... based out of Warren, Pennsylvania... acquired Jamestown Savings Bank and it's branch offices in 1998. 
New York expanding it's Medical Marijuana program...
New York is expanding its medical marijuana program.  The state's Department of Health says Tuesday that it will soon allow nurse practitioners to authorize the drug for patients, and allow dispensaries to make deliveries to help patients who cannot leave their homes.  Additionally... the state will consider whether to make chronic pain a condition eligible for marijuana, and begin plans for more dispensaries around the state.  State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker says more than 7,000 New Yorkers have been authorized for medical marijuana since the program began in January.  He says the state will continue to look for ways to improve the program for patients and practioners.  

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