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Horrigan signs county budget after legislature gives approval Wednesday night...
Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan says he can live with the changes the County Legislature made to his original budget plan.  With that... his office says Horrigan signed the measure this afternoon.  Horrigan says the $270-million spending plan cuts the tax levy by about $200,000.  He says lawmakers did add some money back into his original spending plan... including utility revenues, another $25,000 for 4-H, and cutting $50,000 for in-car cameras for the Sheriff's Department.  Horrigan says he's glad to see the legislature come together to approve the spending plan... which cuts the tax rate by about 7-cents per thousand full value.  He says "stability and lower property taxes over the long term" were the goals going in... and, the legislature was on board with it.  The 2017 budget has to be sent to Albany by Nov. 1.  
Legislature unanimously approves 2017 budget plan...
The final, 2017 Chautauqua County budget has cleared the County Legislature and in the end... without opposition.  Legislators approved the $270-million spending plan 18-0.  County lawmakers removed about $200,000 in spending from the original plan submitted by County Executive Vince Horrigan.  Legislator Terry Niebel did proposed an amendment that would have reduced the tax levy by $300,000 through the use of a portion of unbudgeted intergovernmental transfer payments from the former County Home.  Only Niebel and Legislator Bob Scudder of Fredonia supported the amendment that failed.  Both went on to support the final budget.  County Executive Vince Horrigan says he was glad the legislature came together in the end to approve the spending plan.
Horrigan further discusses new programs in the 2017 budget...
Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan says the new budget, just approved by county lawmakers, should help launch two programs that are intended to improve public safety in the county.  The $270-million spending plan that Horrigan expects to sign today will contain enough funding for a new Fly Car program.  He believes the three new Fly-Cars will help improve the delivery of emergency medical services, in partnership with local volunteer fire companies.  The budget will also contain funding to assist the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office in implementing an In-Car Camera program.  While lawmakers removed about $50,000 from what was originally budgeted, Horrigan believes they should still be able to equip most Sheriff's office patrol cars.  He says their needed because it's a world of video... and, it's "hard to argue with video."  As for the reduction of funding, Horrigan says they will see how the bids come in for the program.  He says they can always amend the budget should the county find the extra dollars needed for the program.  And Horrigan is not ruling out including additional funding in the 2018 budget.
Chautauqua Co. jobless rate goes up 4-tenths of a percent in September...
The unemployment rate in Chautauqua County last month increased nearly half-a-percent to 5.5-percent.  However... that's still considered a good rate for the area.  That from state Labor Department Analyst John Slenker... who says the jobless rate was 5.1-percent in August... with a total of 54,800 residents in the labor market.  He says 3,200 of them were unemployed.  Slenker says manufacturing is among the sectors that has held stable in recent months... staying at 9,200 workers.  He says the biggest changes were in two areas in September and were "seasonal" in nature.  He says Leisure and Hospitality was down 500 for the month... and, Health and Education was down 300 jobs.  Slenker says all other sectors were pretty much stable for August to September.  He says the jobless rate in Chautauqua County in September of 2015 was 5.6-percent.  State-wide... the jobless rate increased from 4.8 to 5-percent last month.  Nationally... the unemployment rate fell from 5-percent in August to 4.8 in September.
Cattaraugus County jobless rate up slightly... 
The jobless rate in Cattaraugus County went up slightly in September... to 5.3-percent from 5.2 in August.  Labor Analyst John Slenker says the situation was similar to Chautauqua County... with 32,500 people employed... which is up 200 for the year.  Slenker says one area... including higher education... was up the most of any catagory.  He says Education and Health went up 600... due mainly to additions at St. Bonaventure University just outside of Olean.  Slenker adds that leisure and hospitality was also up for the month by 200 jobs.  He says the unemployment rate in Cattaraugus is also down from 5.5-percent in September of 2015.
Jamestown woman arrested for allegedly being found with "large quantity" of Crystal Meth...
A city woman is jailed without bail after she ws allegedly found in possession of a "large quantity" of Crystal Methamphetime during a traffic stop late Tuesday.  Jamestown police say officers pulled over 30 year-old Celeste Carr's mini-van at the corner of East Second Street and Foote Avenue for texting while driving.  Police, though, say Carr was ordered to get out after they found she was driving with a suspended license.  Officers say Carr then tried to start the vehicle and drive off when they jumped into the vehicle, and stopped it.  Police then accuse Carr of fighting with them to get her out of the vehicle.  Following her arrest... officers found the crystal Meth, a digital scale, and other drug paraphernalia.  She was arraigned on several charges... including two Felony counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance... and, first-degree reckless endangerment.  Carr was sent to the county jail lock-up.

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