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WJTN News Headlines


Chautauqua County's Congressman has been re-elected to a fourth-term in a race that wasn't decided until late in the evening Tuesday.  Corning Republican Tom Reed unofficially defeated Democratic challenger John Plumb 51-to-49 percent.  However... Reed's Campaign Manager says they project -- once the votes are tallied up -- that he'll wind up with about a 13-percent victory.  In Jamestown last night... Plumb conceeded just before 11:30 PM, and thanked his supporters in their "uphill battle...." In a printed statement late Tuesday night... Reed said "we are humbled by the outpouring of support from volunteers and voters.  I care deeply about this place we call home.  I am proud to have earned your trust.  I am excited to continue working for our families."  In Chautauqua County... Reed received 27-thousand-397 votes to Plumb's 19-thousand-901.


The Republican sweep seen nationally was also seen in Chautauqua County on Election Day... with just one exception.  That exception came in the District Attorney's race, where Democrat Patrick Swanson defeated Republican Jason Schmidt, 25-thousand-207 to 21-thousand-447.  Swanson... who has been Acting D-A for the past 10 months... likened it to waiting to see if he passed the Bar Exam. Swanson thanked his supporters while watching the votes come in at Gialy's Restaurant in Jamestown... and, says the hard fought race brought out the issues... which he says will help him going forward.  At GOP Headquarters in Celoron... Schmidt expressed his disappointment, but, says he was "proud" of the issue-oriented campaign that he and his supporters ran.  He also wished Swanson "the best" as he becomes the D-A.  Swanson says he's been fortunate to have taken over an office that was "in very good shape..." thanks in large part to his predecessor, David Foley.  Foley became County Court Judge at the beginning of the year.


The other big county-wide race on Tuesday wound up with the Republican candidate pulling away after a close vote much of the early part of the evening.  Fredonia's Mike Sullivan defeated Democrat Sally Jaroszynski of Falconer for Family Court Judge by just over 10-thousand votes... 28-thousand-655 to 18-thousand-477.  Sullivan says he's pleased with the outcome. Sullivan says those initiatives include early intervention in families that have drug addiction issues.  He says he also wanted to make sure that it's "easier" for kids to go to Family Court when they have to be there. 


Local Republicans on the New York State Legislature also scored huge wins on Tuesday... led by the county's Assemblyman.  Bemus Point's Andy Goodell defeated Brocton Democrat Jason Perdue by a nearly 3-to-1 margin.  The vote was 34-thousand-994 to 12-thousand-193.  Goodell expressed his appreciation to the residents of Chautauqua County for sending him to Albany for a fourth-term. Goodell says he's going to continue to "do his best" in the Assembly... and, keep county residents first on his mind when he's in Albany.


State Senator Cathy Young was overwhelmingly re-elected to another term in the state's upper chamber... getting 83-percent of the vote Tuesday.  Young won Chautauqua County big on Election Day... tallying 39-thousand-771 votes to Democratic Challenger Lee Hyson's 8-thousand-183 votes.


According the the Unofficial results on Warren Votes dot com here are the winners from last night's elections:

Donald Trump took 68 percent of the vote in Warren County on his way to becoming President-elect of the United States.


Pat Toomey took 66.6 percent of the vote to win the U.S. Senate Seat.


It was Kathy Rapp defeating Troy Clauson in Warren County by taking over 68 percent of the vote.


Glen Thompson won the US Congress seat in the 5th district with 71 percent of the vote.


All four of the Warren City Home Rule Charter Ammendments were approved.


Sheffield's proposed tax increase for police services was voted down with 62 percent of the vote.

These are the unofficial numbers from


Between 70 and 80 people met Monday night to outline several goals for what to do with 10-million dollars in state-funding coming to the city of Jamestown.  City Development Director Vince DeJoy says he was pleased with the turn-out for their second meeting on the local Downtown Revitalization Initiative at the Willow Bay Theater.  DeJoy say they discussed issues such as parking, attraction signs, and improving downtown buildings. The ideas were given to two consulting firms... including the main planning group the city is working with on the initiative... HR-and-A Advisors of New York City.  DeJoy acknowledges that there is still a "30-thousand foot" level of confusion over what the money can and cannot be used for.  However... once the consultants lay-out "project-specific" material... people will understand that.  The money can be used specifically for certain economic development projects... or projects that help support development -- such as infrastructure improvements.  DeJoy says the next public planning meeting on developing the DRI plan will be held at the Jackson Center on Wednesday, December 14th.


It won't help with all their health insurance costs... but, it will make them a little more manageable for the city of Jamestown.  That from City Comptroller Joe Bellitto... who presented a third-party administrator proposal to the City Council last night from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Bellitto says the base fee would be increasing by about six-percent to about 16-thousand dollars a year. Council Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce later estimated the savings at at least 20-thousand dollars next year.  Bellitto says the savings... if fully-realized... would save just over 146-thousand dollars over the next three years.  He says Blue Cross negotiates the amount of discount on prescriptions with those providers.  Bellitto says other savings may also be realized later with other discounts.  City lawmakers will vote on the third-party administrator agreement later this month.


A Jamestown man is accused of breaking into -- or trying to break into -- four residences early Monday morning on the city's northside.  Jamestown Police were called to the scene in the area of Crossman and Price Streets shortly after 7 AM.  Officers say the suspect... 26 year-old Mark Barnhart... reportedly fled the scene on a bicycle.  Police were first told of one female victim had confronted Barnhart in her bedroom before he ran off and tried to break into a neighbor's home.  However... the neighbor confronted the suspect and he fled again.  A short time later... police say Barnhart allegedly tried to break into a Price Street home.  He was arrested on several charges... including two counts of second-degree burlgary, and one count of second-degree attempted burglary.  Barnhart was jailed pending arraignment.


Chautauqua Lake Central School will be closed today due to continued power outage problems.