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Local authorities are warning anyone that may be using heroin to not use heroin obtained from the northern part of Chautauqua County. 


The Post Journal reports that a number of heroin related overdoses in the county have police on alert for possible tainted mixes of the drug.  The Southern Tier Drug Task Force along with the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Deparment and Fredonia and Dunkirk police are investigating multiple overdoses that occured in the northern part of the county this past week. 


Two people died while other victims were revived with Narcan.  Police have not determined if substances like fentanyl were mixed with the Heroin.  Authorities are waiting on analysis. 


Police remind residents that any drug that is being purchased on the street, whether the dealer is known or not, may be contaminated with substances that cause the heroin to be much more potent.  Authorities are asking members of the community that may have knowledge of anyone that may be involved in distributing heroin or any other narcotics to contact them at either 800-344-8702 or 363-0313.

Five people  two of them incumbants are running for three, full-time seats on the Jamestown School Board in today's board election and budget vote. 


One of the incumbants is seeking their second, full term on the panel.  Shelly Leathers was first appointed to the board to fill a vacancy in 2013, and won her first election in 2014.  Leathers says she and her entire family are Jamestown graduates and, she feels the schools are the "center of the community" and, can be a draw to the area.

The other board incumbant is third-term member Paul Abbott who is currently board president.  There is a former board member who is running again this year after being off the panel for a few years.  Christine Schnars spent 25 years on the board, and, she says things have gotten better the past couple of years, and she wants to be part of the effort to improve the distirct. 


One of the newcomers running for the Jamestown school board is Frank Galeazzo who is originally from Peekskill, New York.  Galeazzo says he worked in education before being hired at the Board of Public Utilities nine years ago. The other newcomer is local Baptist minister Fannel Leeper who grew up in the area and, is a 1967 JHS graduate. 


Leeper says she's concerned over the drop-off in the number of African-American students who graduate from Jamestown.  Jamestown school district residents are also voting on an 84.9-million dollar budget that includes no increase in the tax levy and, adds about 10 positions back after the district received a one-million dollar hike in state aid for 2017-18. 


Today's board vote runs from Noon to 9 PM at Washington and Jefferson Middle Schools and, Lincoln Elementary School.

All school districts locally will be holding budget votes and, school board elections.  In the immediate Jamestown-area the Southwestern School District will have the earliest vote start today.  Residents will decided on a 27.36-million dollar spending plan beginning at 7 AM


Voting this morning continues until 9 AM then will resume between 2 and 9 PM tonight.  There are three people running for three board seats.  They are Kurt Gustafson, Richard Hartman, and Cynthia McFadden.

A state of Emergency has been issued for the village of Brocton, the town of Portland and a portion of the town of Pomfret that receives village of Brocton village water. 


Brocton Mayor Richard Frost says a water main break occurred early Monday morning on Central Avenue near Smith Street, prompting the action.  A boil water advisory has been issued. 


Bill Boria of Chautauqua County's Department of Health and Human Services says boiling the water kills bacteria and other organisms that could be present. It's anticipated the boil water advisory will be lifted by the end of the week.

A New York state lawmaker wants harsher penalties for causing harm to police animals. 


Republican Senator Cathy Young of Olean held a news conference in Albany Monday to promote legislation that would create a new felony offense for intentionally causing serious physical injury to a police work dog or police work horse.  Her measure also would increase the offense of killing a police work dog or police work horse to a class D felony. 


The bill is named Mitchell's Law for a Jamestown Police Department German Shepherd that suffered life-threatening injuries while apprehending a murder suspect last November.  The bill has passed through a Senate committee and has been added to the upcoming floor calendar.

Despite new US economic sanctions against North Korea the communist nation test launched another missile early Sunday that's being called a "serious challenge" to international peace and security. 


South Korean President Moon Jae-in strongly condemned the north's test-launch as a "clear" violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.  Local Congressman Tom Reed has expressed his growing concern over North Korea and hopes over the long-run, the sanctions approved by Congress will work.


Reed says we are now "at a critical point" where the north's nuclear ambitions are "coming to a head."  He's hopeful that China will be able to wield more influence in the matter.  The Corning Republican says he would like to see a "regime change" in North Korea but, not by use of outside forces. 


The North Korean missile test launch reportedly had the missile travel about 430 miles before landing in the western waters of the Sea of Japan.  Reed made his comments for his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.

Among the nation's financial elite who have helped shape the school-choice movement in recent years, Michael Bloomberg tops the list of New York's political contributors. 


The former three-term New York City mayor appears in an Associated Press analysis of the contributions of people who have given at least 100-thousand dollars to school-choice statewide ballot campaigns around the country. 


Bloomberg, who championed charter schools as mayor, has over the past decade donated $1.8 million to ballot measures and political action committees that focused primarily on school choice.  That included $490,000 in support of a failed 2016 effort to expand charter schools in his home state of Massachusetts. 


Bloomberg declined to comment on his support of the Massachusetts ballot initiative, or whether he favors vouchers or other choice programs beyond charter schools.

If you are looking for work or a career change the 2nd Annual Warren County Job Fair is this Wednesday from Noon to 7pm. 


The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry have teamed up with Quickstaff Contigent Workforce Solutions for the event.  John Papalia with the Chamber says there will be 15 businesses on hand and participants should come ready to interveiw. 


Papalia says Chautauqua County residents are also urged to come down and participate in the fair. The 2nd Annual Warren County Job Fair is this Wednesday from Noon to 7pm at the Warren Days Inn, 210 Ludlow Street. Find out more information at WCCBI.ORG.