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The future of the former Arcade Building on North Main Street in Jamestown may be determined by a study of the four-story structure, and a smaller two-story portion recently damaged in a fire. 


The City Council last night approved a resolution supporting the Gebbie Foundation and the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation's Consolidated Funding Application for money to support a study of possible re-uses for the building. 


Mayor Sam Teresi says given the fire that heavily-damaged the former shoe store last Wednesday a study is even more critical to the future of the building.  Teresi says if the best use of the property is tearing down the current building and marketing the vacant site, they want to know that also. 


The cause of the fire in the former shoe store remains under investigation.

Three men had to rescued from Chautauqua Lake after their boat got swamped during a storm and, overturned near the town of Ellery late Sunday morning. 


Sheriff's Department Navigation Team member Greg Paterniti says the incident was called in 11 AM after the storm filled the 12-foot boat with water, and it overturned near the Interstate 86 overlook.  Paterniti says, fortunately, the three men were able to hold onto the edges of the boat until Bemus Point fire resuers were able to arrive. 


However he says they are very concerned this year with people on non-motorized craft.  He says their biggest concern this Summer is kayaks and paddle boards, which have grown in popularity. 


Paterniti says the three men 32 year-old Nicholas Gibbons and Thomas Parks of Jamestown and, 31 year-old Nathan Gibbons of Kent, Ohio were out fishing when the incident occured. 


All three were returned to shore unhurt.  However he says their predicament underscores the need for people to wear their life jackets don't just have them stowed away.

The first major water rescue on one of Chautauqua County's five lakes of the 2017 Summer Season was on everyone's minds Monday morning as County Executive Vince Horrigan officially kicked off his "100 Days of Summer Safety" initiative. 


Horrigan says when he was an officer in the U-S Air Force they always had a 100 Days of Summer Safety Program as a way to remind people to enjoy Summer but, also be safe. 


Sheriff's Department Navigation Team member Robert Richter emphasized the need for people in "paddle-craft" to have a personal floation device because they are required. 


With the number of people using the non-motorized craft Richter urged young people and their parents create a "float plan" in case something happens.  He says that's where you tell a parent or another adult about where you're going and when you are to return.  But, Richter says they often ask the parent if the children are overdue where they are, and they don't know. 


The press conference was held at Chautauqua Marina in Mayville where owner Ken Shearer noted that they have all the latest safety equipment any boater needs.  He adds they're also holding a boater safety course tonight from 5 to 9 PM.

Rough waters on Lake Erie resulted in three separate rescues by the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Erie, Pennsylvania this past Saturday. 


One of the calls involved a 28-foot charter boat that was taking on water about three-miles offshore.  A total of seven people were recovered from the water, with one person being treated for inhaling water.  Another rescue involved a 22-foot boat with 12 people aboard that had capsized near Presque Isle Bay. 


A Coast Guard crew rescued a total 10 people while a good Samaritan rescued two others.  And a Coast Guard crew also rescued two kayakers while on patrol.

Two Jamestown residents have been arrested for allegedly trafficking methampheamine and LSD and, being in possession of a stun gun on the city's southside early last weekend. 


Jamestown police say members of the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force and JPD SWAT Team raided two apartments last Friday night and, arrested 35 year-old Jeremy Gross, and 34 year-old Kimberly Fred. 


Task Force members say they found about 10 grams of Meth along with doses of LSD along with drug paraphernalia, a quantity of cash, and the stun gun at the two locations, 21 Hazzard Street and 57 Colfax Street. 


Gross faces several charges including third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon.  Kimberly Fred is charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Both are jailed pending further court action.

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