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North County man killed in car-motorcycle crash...
A north county man has died from injuries suffered when his motorcycle was struck by one of two cars involved in a crash at the intersection of Route 39 and Hanover Rd. in the town of Hanover.  Sheriff's officers say the accident occured shortly after 6 p.m. when the driver of one of the cars... 57 year-old Dawn Clayburg of Tonawanda... had stopped at the stop sign on Hanover Road.  However... deputies say she failed to yield to the other car... driven by 23 year-old Brandon Hilton of Westfield.  Officers say Hilton's car then continued westbound, and struck the oncoming motorcycle, operated by 61 year-old William Wagner of Forestville.  Deputies say Wagner suffered serious injuries, and was flown by Starlight Helicopter to the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo... where he later died.  The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department Accident Reconstruction Team responded to the scene.  At this time the accident is still being investigated.
Dunkirk woman arrested for allegedly shooting and killing boyfriend...
A Dunkirk woman is jailed without bail for allegedly shooting and killing a man some Buffaloj media have identified as her boyfriend in the north county city late Thursday night.  City Police Chief David Ortolano says police were called to the scene at 141 Lake Shore Drive East shortly after 10 p.m.  Ortolano says they found the male victim outside in a yard when officers arrived... and, he later died at the hospital.  He says they had their suspect, 28 year-old Rebecca Ruiz, in custody a short time later for second-degree murder.  Ortolano says the victim's name is being withheld until family members of notified.  Ruiz was charged with second-degree murder... and, arraigned in Dunkirk City Court late Friday morning.  Ortolano declined to comment further on the arrest... but, did say that this was not a "random act" of violence.  He says it was "an isolated incident."  Dunkirk Police were assisted at the scene by Fredonia Police, State Police, the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office, the County District Attorney's Office and the Chautauqua County Forensic Team.  Thursday night's murder was the first of the year in the city of Dunkirk.
Ribbon cut on McCrea Point Park...
The ribbon has been cut on the new McCrea Point Park and Boat Launch along the Chadakoin River on Jamestown's westside.  Several dozen people... including several who were in traditional dress clothes from the late 1800s and early 1900s... were on hand for the re-dedication of the park.  Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi thanked several people for helping to get the park back to it's early splendor.  Teresi noted that -- as part of the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk project -- the city has been trying to "reclaim our past" -- and this was the latest example.  Teresi called it a "back to the future" type of project.  The program started with a boat ride on The Chautauqua Belle... the steamship that still goes up and down the lake.  However... for the first time... the Belle was taken down the outlet, and served as a backdrop for this morning's festivities.  Teresi especially thanked Cheryl McCrea... whose grandparents originally owned the riverfront property where the park is located. 
Horrigan says sales tax extender important part of getting 2018 budget in place...
Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan and his financial team have begun work on his final budget... and, he says there shouldn't be any surprises now that the county's additional, one-percent sales tax, has been okayed by the state.  The county's added tax was approved during the state legislature's recent "Extraordinary Session."  While the renewal is a routine matter... Horrigan says it's an important function of the legislature for some 53 counties -- including Chautauqua.  As for the budget... he says having a five-year plan in place has helped the process.  With the plan... Horrigan says they have that blueprint now through the year 2022.
Horrigan talks bicycle safety during latest installment of 100 Days of Summer Safety...
There are now biking lanes on some streets in the city of Jamestown... and, across Chautauqua County.  With bicycle traffic picking up... County Executive Vince Horrigan is continuing to high-light Summer safety.  Horrigan was at the Jamestown Cycle Shop Friday afternoon to stress being safe while riding bicycles.  He says it's the second-part of his 100 Days of Summer Safety series... and, says they want to high-light bicycle safety because so many people are doing it now.  Horrigan was joined by Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi for the event... who stressed the need to know the rules of the road -- especially in the city.  That includes wearing bike helmets and, keeping bicycles off the sidewalks in the city.  Teresi says the city has great places to bike now... with the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk nearing completion.  Fortunately... City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says there aren't many such accidents in Jamestown... adding they typically involve driver "inattention."
Independent Financial Advisor talks seven questions you need to ask for make sure your advisor is acting in your best interests...
A person needs to ask questions before deciding on a financial advisor who has their best interests at heart.  That from a 28-year veteran of providing independent, ethical and transparent financial guidance.  Managing Partner Carol Clark with OnCenter Financial Advisors recently taught a class on the seven questions you should ask an advisor before signing up with them.  Clark taught three classes on that topic during the first week of the season at Chautauqua Institution.  Clark says the first question is whether the advisor is a "broker."  She says 90-percent are paid by commission, and there is no legal obligation to represent their clients best interests first.  She adds that the other type of advisor is a registered investment advisor, and they are legally required to represent their client's interest first... and, adds they do not charge commission.  Clark says there are about 309,000 registered financial advisors in the United States who vy for people's business.  When you find a financial advisor you like... Clark says you need to ask about their affiliations.  She says if they are affiliated with a broker/dealer that person can steer you to programs with "inbedded investments."  Clark says you should also ask if the advisor provides proprietary mutual finds... and, where the money is held.  She says you should ask if it has a "third-party custodian..." meaning that no one can withdraw your money except for you.  Clark says that's important given recent scandals involving people like Bernie Madoff.  For more information on OnCenter Financial Advisors... go on-line to oncenterfinancial.com.

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