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One person is jailed while two others are free on bail after being arrested for allegedly being in possession of a quantity of Methamphetamine during a traffic stop on Jamestown's westside Tuesday morning. 


City police say a bike patrol stopped a vehicle for alleged traffic violations on West Sixth Street at Lafayette Street shortlly before 8 a.m.  Officers say they found the driver of the vehicle, 37 year-old Chad Nelson, had a suspended driver's license.  Further investigation turned up the Meth and drug paraphernalia. 


Police also arrested 35 year-old Manda Moffett of Jamestown, and 32 year-old Heather Crilley of Ashville.  Officers say all three are chargd with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and, second-degree criminally using drug paraphernalia. 


Moffet is also charged with fourth-degree criminal possesion.  She's jailed without bail while Nelson and Crilley were arraigned and freed on bail.

A preliminary hearing is still scheduled for this afternoon in last week's shooting death in the city of Dunkirk. 


Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson confirms that the preliminary hearing for 28-year-old Rebecca Ruiz is set for 3 p.m. in Dunkirk City Court.  Ruiz has been charged with second-degree murder in the July 6th death of 21-year-old Julian Duman.  Ruiz was arraigned on Friday and remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail without bail.

As many as 2-million Americans are currently "suffering" under the collapse of the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act. 


That from local Congressman Tom Reed who Tuesday cited a report countering the possible loss of health insurance to some 22-million to 24-million people under the two Republican Health Care proposals.  Reed says he won't predict where the Senate is going on health care legislation but, adds he's hopeful that something will be approved before the August recess, because Senators know they only have two to three weeks to work. 


President Donald Trump recently suggested that if the Senate can't come up with a plan to "repeal and replace" lawmakers should just go ahead and repeal the ACA and, replace it later.  Reed says regardless. that will be an ongoing process with the issue of improving health care namely quality of care. 


The Senate GOP Majority's task got much harder over the Fourth of July recess because a 10th Republican in the Senate voiced his opposition to the GOP healthcare bill.  Reed made his comments during his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.

The appointment of Conservative Neil Gorsuch, and the possibility of as many as three more appointments to the U-S Supreme Court, could pull the court to the far right for the next several decades. 


That from Senior Editor and Legal Correspondent Dalia Lithwick with the on-line magazine "Slate" who appears this morning in the Chautauqua Amphitheater.  Speaking with our Dennis Webster yesterday she also noted that the next step may be replacing Anthony Kennedy who is rumored to be looking at retiring before next year's mid-term elections. 


Lithwick says there "no question" that if Kennedy leaves the court, it will signal the end of Affirmative Action, abortion, and same sex marriage because he is now "the fifth vote."  Lithwick says that's the feeling among court observers because Trump promising to nominate conservatives to the high court and, did so with Gorsuch. 


In fact, she says Gorsuch has been everything that conservatives want.  Lithwick says Gorsuch was on the bench for a handful of rulings in April, May and June and, was even to the right of late Justice Antonin Scalia whom he replaced.  She adds, though, there are still more than 130 lower court seats Trump has yet to fill and, those could have even more of an impact.

New York State Police say the calling hours and funeral for slain Trooper Joel R. Davis will be held at Magrath Sports Complex at Fort Drum in northern New York. 


Separate calling times are scheduled Friday for law enforcement and the public.  The funeral will be held at 1 p.m.Saturday.  A 32-year-old Fort Drum soldier, Staff Sergeant Justin Walters, is accused of killing his wife and Davis who was responding Sunday to reports of shots fired at the Walters' home in rural Theresa, near the base.  Walters, a native of Zeeland, Michigan, was ordered held without bail in the Jefferson County Jail at his arraignment on murder charges Monday.

A number of "last-minute gifts" has helped Catholic Charities of Buffalo meet and exceed it's goal of $11-million raised through this year's Appeal. 


That from Monsignor David Slubecky during yesterday afternoon's announcement about the campaign which officially ended back on June 30.  Slubecky says their early results looked good but, then sank as Spring turned to Summer and, they had a one-million dollar shortfall entering the final month of the effort. 


He says, though with the community, their friends and local media support "we slowly, but, surely inched closer and closer to our $11-million goal as the deadline rapidly approached."  Catholic Charities has two offices in Chautauqua County, one in Jamestown and the other in Dunkirk.