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Randolph man arrested for allegedly trafficking Heroin in the Catt. County town...
A Cattaraugus County man accused of selling Heroin to another person late last Spring in the town of Randolph has now been arrested.  Sheriff's deputies in LIttle Valley say they and members of the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force arrested 32 year-old Brandon Reynolds Thursday at this home at 28 Sheldon Street.  Officers accuse Reynolds of selling the illegal narcotic to another person back on May 25.  He was arraigned on charges of third-degree criminal sale... and, possession of a controlled substance and was taken to the Cattaraugus County Jail without bail.
Hochul in Westfield Friday to cut ribbon on new eco-tech business...
New York's second-in-command visited a new business in the town of Westfield that is using eco-technology to raise fish to benefit the local economy and the environment.  Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul spoke at yesterday's grand opening of TimberFish Technologies High-Tech Fishery located on the grounds of Five&20 Spirits & Brewing.  Hochul spoke about the state's investment of over $100,000 into the new tech approach to raising fish using wood chips and the by-products of local wineries and breweries... saying that it's needed because old technologies aren't working anymore.  State Senator Cathy Young first heard about TimberFish in 2008.  She feels it's a great way of reinventing what we are doing in agribusiness using waste products from businesses in the area.  State Assemblyman Andy Goodell and County Executive Vince Horrigan were also among the elected officials taking part in Friday's event.  
Horrigan says budget team is wrapping up work on 2018 spending plan...
The finishing touches are being put on Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan's final budget so it can be presented to county lawmakers by late this month.  Horrigan says much of the 2018 spending plan is coming together... but, the majority of it is mandated by the state.  He says there are a couple of state costs his budget team is still working to get a handle on with local state legislative representatives.  As for his budget team... Horrigan says both are very seasoned.  Horrigan says his former Budget Director, Kitty Crow, is now the Finance Director and is working with new Budget Director, Kathleen Dennison on the approximately $270-million spending plan.  Dennison was budget director for the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office before moving to overall budget director.  At this point... Horrigan still can't say whether there will be a tax increase or decrease next year.  However... he says he's confident that they will be under the state's 2-percent property tax cap.  Horrigan says he will formally present the 2018 executive budget at the county legislature's September 27th meeting.  He made his comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.
Penhollow says Falconer Schools off to "smooth" start...
They've had a "very smooth start" to the new school year in the Falconer Central School District.  That from School Superindent Steve Penhollow... who says they got in four full-days of school this week... and he says a big help was something they normally did at the beginning of the year... but, this year did it before the start of classes.  For the second year in a row... they have held all of their orientations and open houses prior to the start of the school year on Sept. 5.  Penhollow says enrollment in the Falconer School District is right around 1,200 -- right about where it has been in recent years.  He says they're currently down about 25 students total... mainly in the high school.  He says Fenner Elementary School is up about 15 this year.
The 30th anniversary "Battle of Businesses" underway...
It's the 30th anniversary of the YMCA's "Battle of the Businesses..." and competition gets underway in several sports and other contests today.  It's again being sponsored by the Lakewood Family "Y..." and, begins with it's most popular event -- pitch softball.  Lakewood Branch Manager Tom Anderson says several other events take place later for companies across the Jamestown area.  He says golf, bowling and pickle-ball begin Sunday.  Anderson believes the "Battle" brings companies-- and the community closer together.  He says it's "neat" to see top management people working together on a team with people who do maintenance work at a local company.  Anderson says it also allows businesses to become more familiar with others in the area.  This year's battle will take place September 9 -- 16.
Lakewood to pick up storm debris on Monday...
Storm debris from last Monday night's storm in Lakewood will begin next Monday morning...Sept. 11.  Mayor Cara Birritierri says this is a "one time" pickup.  She says if anyone has branches, or brush that came down in their yards due to the heavy winds that were part of that storm... you are asked to pile up the "Storm" debris only in the right-of-ways by Sunday night. 

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