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An overnight fire has extensively damaged part of a vacant, two-story home on Jamestown's westside. 


City Fire Battalion Chief Andrew Finson says crews were called to the scene at 8 Whitley Ave. shortly before 3:30 this morning. 


Finson says, on arrival, they found a lot of fire on the front corner of the house extending from the basement area to the roof.  He adds that firefighters found a side door open, and did a quick search, but found no one inside.  He says it took about 10-mintues to bring the blaze under control and, they spent about 45 minutes overhauling the scene. 


Finson says an off-duty shift of 15 firefighters was called in.  He adds that two of them suffered minor injuries, but, were able to stay at the scene. 


Finson says crews were at the scene for nearly two-hours.  He says all services were shut-off to the house.  The cause remains under investigation.



The first "Rally to Recover Jamestown" event to raise money and awareness in the fight against drug addiction is a go at a new location on the city's eastside this Saturday


The city has been working closely with organizers to have the event staged at the Sherwood Arts Complex in the former Dahlstrom's building on East Second Street. 


City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman Maria Jones says since organizers Chanda Lynn Germain and her grandmother, Adrian Smith-Madden, moved the event to a private location they didn't need to go through council. 


Jones says they had been working with the fire chief and building inspector to address safety matters.  She says they still have to comply with building and fire codes to hold the event. 


Mayor Sam Teresi was asked to speak at the event but, will be at a family function out of town.  He says he's asked Council President Greg Rabb to represent him there. 


"Rally to Recover Jamestown" will feature a number of local and national speakers on the Heroin and Opioid Crisis and, several regional bands will also take part.  It will run at the Sherwood Arts Complex from 1 to 11 p.m. this Saturday, September 23rd.



The deployment of more than 100 members of the New York Army National Guard and state police to the U.S. Virgin Islands to help with hurricane recovery efforts is on hold because of another storm approaching the region. 


National Guard officials said Monday that the departure of 100 soldiers in a Buffalo-based military police unit and 30 troopers has been delayed because of Hurricane Maria, which has strengthened into a Category 5 storm as it pushes toward the eastern Caribbean. 


The New York contingent was set to depart from Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station aboard a military aircraft for St. Thomas, one of several Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he was sending aid to the U.S. Virgin Islands during a one-day visit to the U.S. territory last Friday.



Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi's finance team will have a couple of extra days to work out a new budget plan for next year and, they'll need that time to get a spending plan ready. 


Teresi says due to the actual deadline day being on a Sunday, and the following Monday being a holiday, the budget will be due on Tuesday, October 10


Teresi says he, City Comptroller Joe Bellitto, and new Administrative Services Director Todd Thomas, have been meeting often lately on the proposal.  He says they'll be meeting almost daily from here on. 


Teresi says the challenges include exceeding budgeted overtime costs this year in the police and fire departments and, the department of Public Works.  He says due to budget constraints in recent years they start every year in a "deficit" situation. 


The state had agreed to give the city a one-time, $1-million infusion of cash for 2017 but, Teresi says they haven't received that money yet.  Teresi says another strain on the budget has been providing the money to support the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force to deal with the city's on-going Heroin and Opioid Abuse crisis. 


The date the budget presentation will be made was incorrection on a couple of our stations this morning.  However, it will be on Tuesday, Oct. 10th.  Teresi made his comments for this past weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the five Media One Group stations.



The problem of overcrowding is once again a concern at the Chautauqua County Jail. 


That from Sheriff Joe Gerace who says they have had to board out 22 inmates to other county jails in Western New York.  Gerace says one of the factors has to do with parole violators which currently number 22.  He called it very frustrating. 


The Sheriff says the county has to pay $85 per inmate per day, and does not receive any reinbursement from the state.  Gerace says he is working with area State Senator Cathy Young on possible legislation to get those people back to state prison. 


The cost of boarding out inmates comes at the same time as County Executive Vince Horrigan is finalizing his proposed 2018 budget.

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