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JHS JV Player takes a knee during anthem in Thursday night game, Superintendent responds...
The issue of football players kneeling during the National Anthem has reached Chautauqua County... as a Jamestown High School Freshman reportedly took a knee during the anthem at Thursday night's Junior Varsity Game at Dunkirk.  School Superintendent Bret Apthorpe Friday confirmed multiple media reports that Lebron Fisher quietly knelt down during the national anthem with his teammates around him.  Apthorpe says teachers and students had already been talking about taking stands against racial injustice in school.  He says -- historically -- civil disobediance can be dry stuff for kids, but, he says the issue has their attention right now.  Apthorpe says there are no rules in New York state, Section 6, nor in the Jamestown District that order students to stand for the anthem.  He equates it with the situation surrounding the Pledge of Alligiance the kids... Kindergarten through 12th grade... recite in the morning before school.  Apthorpe says nearly every student recites the pledge, though they are not required to.  He adds that there will be no disciplinary action taken... and, there has been no call to institute such a rule in the district.
Borrello pledges to have more IDA meetings on "the road" if elected Executive...
The Republican candidate for Chautauqua County Executive this November says he would like to see the county's Industrial Development Agency hold it's monthly meetings on the road.  Irving's George Borrello says -- if elected -- he plans to hold the meetings in various venues throughout the county.  Typically... Borrello -- who is a member of the IDA Board -- they meet at the agency's south county headquarters.  Once is a while... they meet at the Dunkirk Incubator facility.  Borrello says taking the meetings "on the road" will help get more people engaged with the IDA... and, economic development around the county.  He says he's also proposing other reforms in the way the IDA conducts business, such as revisions in the methods for seeking public input, and in the process leading up to board meetings themselves.  Borrello and Democrat Michael Ferguson are vying for the office now held by Vince Horrigan.
Brooks Hospital files "certificate of need" for new hospital site in town of Pomfret...
The Brooks Memorial Hospital board of directors has announced that they have filed a "certificate of need" with the New York State Department of Health for its new hospital project. The new, 29-bed hospital, will be located just east of the Routes 20 and 60 intersection in the town of Pomfret.  Hospital President Mary LaRowe and Board Chair Chris Lanski held a conference call yesterday afternoon on the announcement.  Lanski says the board, working with hospital relocation specialists... and, Turner Brokers in Lakewood... reviewed over dozen potential sites.  He says they looked at convenience to businesses, and where people live.  The 25-acre site is currently owned by Countryside Sand and Gravel.  LaRowe says they hope to have a ground-breaking next spring for the 100,000 square foot project.  She says they've been working closely with the state Department of Health, which has said they speed along the process.  Hopefully... LaRowe says they hope to have it done in 30 to 60 days.  They hope for a Spring 2018 ground-breaking... and, completion of a new hospital is slated for 2019.  Meanwhile, a Hospital Reuse Project Advisory Committee is being formed.
Local relief efforts for Puerto Rico well underway...              
Local relief efforts to get water and money to the people of Puerto Rico are well-underway in both the Jamestown and Dunkirk-areas of Chautauqua County... and, will continue through the month of October.  That from Director Max Martin with the Hispanic Community Council of Chautauqua County after Hurricane Maria ravaged the U-S Island territory last week.  Martin says after the hurricane hit... he was approached by about 15 people... most of them natives of Puerto Rico... and, they mobilized a drive in the city of Dunkirk through the Salvation Army.  There is also a drive taking place through the Hispanic Church affliate at First Covenant Church in Jamestown.  Pastor Alfonso Pagan is a native of Puerto Rico... and, says -- with most communications down on the island -- it's been tough on people who have relatives there.  He says most of his family is here... but, his father is still there.  If you would like to contribute to the effort... contact The Salvation Army in Dunkirk at 499-5622... or the Hispanic church at First Covenant Church in Jamestown at 708-8184. 
More state help being sent to Puerto Rico...
New York state is sending more help to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced late Friday that the state is deploying additional personnel from the Port Authority and State Police to help the Caribbean commonwealth following Hurricane Maria.  The 77 Port Authority workers will help reopen and operate the island's ports and airports.  Fifty-three state troopers will provide security and public safety assistance.  Cuomo says 10 employees from the New York Power Authority will also join utility officials in Puerto Rico as they work to restore power on the island.  Cuomo said a shipment of medication and supplies left Long Island's Republic Airport Friday morning.  

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