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City police to arrest one after vehicle pursuit, crash...
Two people were hurt -- one seriously -- after a vehicle pursuit that began in the town of Kiantone... and, ended in the town of Ellicott.  Sheriff's officers say they performed a traffic stop on the car -- driven by 29 year-old David Jenkins of Jamestown -- on Route 60 in Kiantone about 10:30 p.m. last Friday.  However... deputies say that Jenkins drove off from the scene... and, led police through the city of Jamestown... and, into Ellicott... where the car crashed on VanCobb Road.  Officers say the crash is under investigation and charges are pending.  Jenkins was taken from the scene to UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital... and, a female passenger was flown by Starflight to UPMC Hamot Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.  The Sheriff's Office was assisted at the scene by multiple law enforcement agencies as well as medical personnel.
Sundquist voices opposition to House Tax Cut and Jobs Plan...
Democrats were quick to react to Thursday's roll-out of the House Ways and Means Committee's proposed Tax Cut and Jobs plan... which is being supported by local Congressman Tom Reed.  Among those talking is one of the several potential Democratic candidates for Reed's seat in the 23rd District in next year's election.  The standard deduction would double, something Reed says will save the average family of four in the district nearly $1,600 per year.  However... Jamestown Democrat Eddie Sundquist says it eliminates several deductions... including the one on student loan debt.  Sundquist says the plan would cap student loan intersted deductions at $2,500, and that's a huge blow to recent college graduates.  He says he also opposes changes to the State and Local Tax Deduction... which would also include deductions of state income taxes.  House Republicans say they want to pass the tax reform bill by Thanksgiving.
Reed agreed with concerns over Tax Reform plan's possible impact on deficit...
While local Congressman Tom Reed is touting the new Tax Cut and Jobs Plan announced late this week by the House Way and Means Committee... he is concerned about possible negative impacts on the nation's deficit.  Reed admitted during a conference call Thursday night that he does have issues with the possibility of adding another $-trillion to $1.5-trillion to the current $20-trillion debt.  The Corning Republican says... if the Gross Domestic Product keeps growing by 3-percent a year... that should cover it.  However... Reed adds that's where the other side of the equation comes in... and, that's getting federal spending under control.  Some members of Congress have already indicated they have concerns -- or oppose -- the more than 400-page proposal... and, there is concern that this effort may go the way of health care.  But, Reed believes there's more concensus for this proposal...which will go through the House committee process next week... and, then to the full House for a vote. 
Women's groups calling for approval of Constitutional Convention Tuesday...
Women who support calls for a constitutional convention in New York state are using the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the state to rally for their cause.  A coalition of women involved in politics and advocacy say they will gather Monday at New York City Hall to encourage voters to say yes to a convention.  New Yorkers will decide on Tuesday whether to call a convention, where delegates would consider changes to the state's main political document.  The League of Women Voters is a key supporter of a convention.

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