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New York state will sue the federal government over the recently enacted Republican tax overhaul...
That from Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who says the state will challenge the new law on the grounds that it's unconstitutional and, violates states' rights.  Cuomo, a possible presidential contender, announced plans for the lawsuit during Wednesday's State of the State Address.
The federal overhaul caps the former tax eduction for state and local taxes at $10,000.  The full deduction had been especially popular in high-tax states like New York.  Cuomo says the change is unfair and could raise some families' taxes by as much as 25 percent.  Cuomo says he will encourage Congress to repeal the tax law, and will consider other changes in state taxes to reduce the burden of the new federal tax law in New York.
In addition to the plan to sue the federal government over the GOP Tax Overhaul the governor also talked about a potentially major overhaul of the state's tax system...  
He says he would like to see the state start moving away from a personal income tax based system and, one that's based on payroll.  Local Assemblyman Andy Goodell says, though, there were no real details offered. However, Goodell says he was pleased to see the Governor say that he supported moving forward with middle-class income tax cuts.  He says those will result in the lowest tax rate since the 1940s.
A Jamestown teenager is jailed after allegedly stabbing a father and son during an argument this past New Year's morning in the town of Kiantone...  
State Police in Jamestown say they arrested 17 year-old Justice McBride on New Year's Day following the incident, which was reported shortly before 3 a.m. Monday at a location on Peck-Settlement Road.  District Attorney Patrick Swanson says McBride is charged with Felony first and second-degree assault, and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.  Swanson says all three knew each other, and one of the victims was taken to UPMC Hamot Medical Center in Erie, where he's in stable condition.  The other victim was treated at UPMC Chautauqua WCA Hospital, and later released.  Troopers say Jamestown Police assisted in the investigation.  McBride was arraigned, and sent to the County Jail in Mayville pending a preliminary hearing.
The city man recently sentenced to 25 years in state prison for shooting and killing his estranged wife in November of 2016 is now appealing the sentence... 
Keith Robbins was sentenced by Chautauqua County Court Judge David Foley after a plea deal was reached last October for first-degree manslaughter in the death of Sheri Robbins.  District Attorney Patrick Swanson says that while Keith Robbins waived his right to appeal on most aspects of the case, he can still appeal.  But, at the same time, Swanson believes the appeal will "go nowhere."  Swanson says it's not unusual to see an appeal, even if the defendant has waived his or her right to an appeal.  He adds the process could take up a year, possibly longer.  He says whoever defends the appeal will next send him the proper documentation, and his office will respond.  
Jamestown Public Schools' Superintendent Bret Apthorpe is reminding parents that as temperatures continue to drop, student safety remains his top priority...
Apthorpe says the district has received donations of winter accessories for students. Should you know of a child in need of warm gear, he says to contact officials. He noted that officials understand that most of the city district's students walk to school and, also reminded parents about the district's "cold weather policy."  He adds that from this point to a wind chill of 25-degrees below zero, the National Weather service issues a Wind Chill Advisory.  Anything lower is a Wind Chill Warning.  Ultimately, Apthorpe says it's the parents' decision to send their children to school in any conditions. 
Gas prices in the Jamestown area remained steady with the cost per gallon of regular, unleaded fuel $2.71... 
That from AAA's latest gas price report which says motorists in mid-atlantic and northeast states are paying more on the week than last year by about $0.22. Nationally, the gas price average is the most expensive seen at the start of a new year since 2014. Triple-A says high volumes of holiday travelers drove gas prices up five-cents on the week to $2.49 per gallon. For current gas prices along your travel route, visit AAA.com/Mobile. 

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