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National Weather Service continues Wind Chill Warning, issues new Winter Weather Advisory...
The extremely low wind chills will continue into most of the weekend, along with some of the lake effect snow.  The National Weather Service says our Wind Chill Warning remains in effect until 7 AM Sunday... and there is another Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 7 o'clock tonight.  Forecaster Jon Hitchcock of the Weather Service Office in Buffalo says you'll need to dress warmly when venturing outside... and, limit your time outside.  He says wear layers with a little space between them, and leave little exposed skin.  While the dangerous wind chills will continue through early Sunday... Hitchcock says there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  A warm up will begin on Sunday... as the mercury begins rising into the 30s by Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday... we could see the lower 40s.  Hitchcock says overnight wind chills on Sunday will run from 10 below to 25 below zero. 
County's Health and Human Services Director advises residents to protect themselves in extreme cold...
The head of the Chautauqua County Health and Human Services Deparment is urging residents to protect themselves when they go outside with another day of dangerously cold wind chills forcast.  Director Christine Schuyler says frostbite can occur within minutes in these bone-chilling conditions... which are expected to range from 20 to 30-below zero at times.  She says if you don't have to go outside, don't.  Especially if you are among the very young... or very old.  Schuyler says they are most suseptable to the cold.  She adds that frostbite causes a loss of feeling, and a white or pale appearance in the extremities... such as toes and fingers.  She says the skin will feel unusually firm or waxy.  If the symptoms are detected... she says get medical help immediately. 
Code Blue Warning issued for county...
With temperatures in the single digits through this morning and afternoon... Chautauqua County has also issued a "Code Blue Warning" because the temperature has fallen below freezing.  That means people seeking shelter can do so at several locations across the county... and, some were open last night and will be today.  Health and Human Services Director Christine Schuyler says you can get help through the Sheriff's Office by calling 9-1-1... and, they will get you to a warming center.  There are several at local libraries in the Jamestown-area.  Schuyler says the hours today at the Prendergast Library are now to 4 p.m., and, you can contact the other libraries for their hours.
Bemus Point man indicted on federal drug charges...
A Bemus Point man has been incidicted by a federal grand for allegedly trafficking several types of illegal drugs after he was stopped on is motorcycle in Sherman last August.  U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior in Buffalo announced late this week that 42 year-old Gary Hannold, Junior was indicted on seven charges for trying to distribute methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and suboxone.  The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.  Prosecutors say Hannold was stopped in Sherman for a traffic violation last August 11th... and, when he stopped... he allegedly threw his backpack in the nearby weeds.  Deputy found suspected Crystal Meth that was packaged... as well as marijuana, a clear vile containing cocaine, 10 packets of Suboxone, a digital scale, a bag with unused small plastic bags, U.S. currency, two cell phones, a New York State motorcycle license plate, and numerous other items.  Hannold is being detained pending further court action.  
Hochul visits Dunkirk with follow-up State of State message...
Despite the sub-zero wind chills... New York Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul traveled to the city of Dunkirk to deliver a presentation of Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2018 State of State proposals.  Among the top concerns is the impact the federal tax reform will have on the state.  Hochul says the state is looking at ways to buffer the effects of the measure, signed into law by President Trump last month.  She says the Governor believes something has to be done, so New York has to look at "something to restructure our income tax system.  Hochul indicated after the presentation that Cuomo administration officials were trying to work out a plan to allow New Yorkers to continue the State and Local Tax Deduction without a cap... or increasing that cap.  Without that, she says New York will be hurt.  Hochul did bring some encouraging news to the city, indicating that 2020 will be a "transformative year" for the area, with the opening of Athenex and the repowering of the NRG plant in Dunkirk.  The extreme weather didn't keep a large crowd from turning out for Friday's presentation.
Humane Society issues Winter Safety tips for pets...
The Chautauqua County Humane Society is reminding residents to keep their furry friends in mind during these frigid wind and snow conditions.  Community Relations Director Brian Papalia suggests keeping cats inside as they can freeze quickly in cold weather.  However... if  you pet goes outside, Papalia says to stay with them.  After you go back inside... Papalia says to check your pet's paws and undersides for ice as sson as possible to prevent frostbite.  Additionally... to prevent any animal-related tragedies, he says to bang loudly on the hood of your car before starting the engine in case an outdoor cat took shelter under the vehicle. For more information on how to keep pets safe... visit their website at www.spca-pets.com.

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