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Winter Weather returns to western Southern Tier...
It is a picture post-card Winter day in the western Southern Tier after several inches of snow fell across the area last night and overnight.  The National Weather Service reports between the snow pretty much ended in the Jamestown-area early this morning... but, not before dumping 7 to 8 inches of new snow.  The snow ended early this morning, and the Weather Service discontinued our Winter Storm Warning about mid-morning.  The temperature... which was about 54 early yesterday here at our Media One Group studios in West Ellicott... fell to the mid-30s by early afternoon... then into the upper teens last night.  The temperature rose to about 12 this morning... and, will drop to near zero overnight tonight.  It'll remain very cold through Sunday night.
State to provide $5-million in snowmobile grants, Chautauqua Co. to get $218,000...
More than $5-million has been awarded to communities in New York state for snowmobile trail maintenance and grooming.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the funding Thursday and designated the weekend of February 2-5 as a free snowmobiling weekend for out-of-state and Canadian residents.  The Democratic governor says the state is providing $4 million in grants for snowmobile trail maintenance, a 15 percent increase from last year.  The grants support more than 10,000 miles of designated snowmobile trails.  Chautauqua County will receive abot $218,800 in funding... which comes from snowmobile registration fees. 
Local businesses, soup kitchen to be impacted by Sam's Club closing...
Individuals and businesses looking for bargains on bulk-items have been flocking to the West Ellicott Sam's Club store after Thursday's sudden announcment that it'll be closing in two-weeks.  Several local businesses... often times restaurants... buy items at Sam's to save money.  The St. Susan's Soup Kitchen in Jamestown also buys several items 2 to 3 times a week for it's operations.  Director Jeff Smith adds that Sam's has also been "incredibly generous" in donating items to the center... such as additional food items, paper products, and cleaning supplies.  Smith says he and his staff are going to have to make alternative plans to deal with issues such as buying additional milk... paper towels... and other items because Sam's Club was convenient to their operation.  As for the 115 people who will soon be laid-off... Smith says they are certainly welcome to come by the center for a hot meal when they need it.  We heard that cars were lined up along Fairmount Avenue in a couple of directions yesterday... and, people were also lined up around the building on Fairmount Avenue to get inside after the warehouse store... which was closed Thursday.
Teresi re-appoints Snellings as police chief, director of Pubic Safety...
The man who has served the dual role of Jamestown Police Chief and Public Safety Director for nearly the past eight years will remain chief for another four-years.  Chief Harry Snellings... a more than 21 year JPD veteran... was confirmed by the city council this past week after being appointed by Mayor Sam Teresi.  Teresi says his relationship with Snellings goes back to when the chief was first with the department in the late 1990s... and, went along with Snellings on a patrol "ride-along" when he first became mayor in 2000.  Snellings became a Sergeant in the early 2000s... then Lieutenant and head of the JPD SWAT Team before being appointed as Chief. Teresi says Snellings is definately "in the mold" of Teresi's past appointees to the post... William MacLaughlin and Rex Rater.  He says he's "very thankful" that Snellings agreed to one more term in office.  Snellings has been credited for leading the way on Jamestown's crack-down on drug-trafficking in the city.

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