Snowmelt damages keyboards on Chautauqua Institution's 1907 Massey Organ...
Water from melting snow has damaged one of the world's largest outdoor pipe organs -- the 111-year-old Massey Memorial Organ -- at the Chautauqua Institution in western New York.  However... officials say they expect to have it's console restored in time for the 2018 season at the summer arts and religious retreat.  The 1907 Massey Memorial Organ is at the heart of the institution's amphitheater, which was recently rebuilt.  President Michael Hill says a routine inspection this past week revealed that a leak from melting snow permeated a protective covering and made its way into the organ's wooden console and its four ivory keyboards while the unit was stored backstage.  Chautauqua Spokesman Jordan Steves tells Media One Group News today that they've had their experts in to to look at the keyboards, and, begin work to replace them.  However... he says the organ's pipework and other systems were unaffected.  More on this story Monday.

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