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A Jamestown man has been arrested on several Felony charges following a domestic violence incident late last week on the city's westside...  
City police were called to the scene at a location on West Fourth Street about 8 p.m. last Friday and found that 56-year-old Randy Harrington, Senior allegedly threatened and restrained a female victim.  Officers say there was also a valid order of protection for Harrington to stay away from the victim.  Police found Harrington and he was arrested without incident.  He is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal contempt, Aggravated Family Offense, second-degree unlawful imprisonment and third-degree menacing.  He was jailed pending arraignment.
A New York state Surpreme Court Judge has dismissed the case of an out-of-state company looking to build a cellphone tower in the village of Lakewood...  
In a printed release last weekend, Mayor Cara Birritierri noted that Judge Frank Sedita agreed that Up State Tower lacked the standing to challenge local laws regarding the siting of such towers.  The case began in June of 2016 when the village board adopted a Local Law regulating the siting of cell towers, which was designed to limit commercial towers to property that would have minimum impacts on the community.  It also puts the responsibility for paying the cost for evaluating the necessity of the towers, and their proposed heights, on the developer.  Late last month, Birritierri says Judge Sedita resoundingly rejected the challenges by UpState Tower to the Village's local laws, and dismissed the case.
Leaking water from snow melt at the end of January has damaged the console of Chautauqua Institution's nearly 111 year-old Massey Memorial Organ...
However, officials at Chautauqua Institution say no other parts of the organ were damaged and, a replacement for the console should be in place in plenty of time for the 2018 season.  That from Chautauqua's Communications Director, Jordan Steves, who says a routine inspection late last month revealed the leak had gotten into the console's four Ivory keyboards.
Steves says their experts were on scene last Friday and Saturday.  Steves says they are still trying to determine the cause of the leak; he says their personnel, contractors and engineers will look further into the matter, and take steps to make sure "this doesn't happen again."  The 1907 Massey Memorial Organ is at the heart of the institution's amphitheater, which was recently rebuilt.  The organ was in storage backstage for the Winter when the leak occured.  The organ's last full restortation was in the 1990s.
The attempted murder trial of a Buffalo-area man is facing a potential mistrial over whether the prosecution in the case turned over information to the defense...  
The Post-Journal reports the motion was made by Public Defender Ned Barone yesterday in the retrial of 20 year-old Justin Haffa, who is accused of attacking and trying to kill Sheriff's Deputy Sara Cunningham on September 11 of 2016.  At issue is a reported conversation between Cunningham and District Attorney Patrick Swanson about a follow-up visit she had with her doctor after the incident.  After the defense rested in the case, Judge David Foley said that he would rule on a motion for a mistrial on Monday.
A second Chautauqua County native was among the 200-plus graduates honored last week from the Basic School of the New York State Police Academy...  
The State Police press release also lists 24-year-old Dalton Walsh of Stockton, who has been assigned to State Police Troop "C" in the Binghamton area for his 10 weeks of training.  He'll join Jamestown Police Chief, Harry Snellings son, Sean, in training there.  During a recent interview, Walsh said it's a "great honor" to be a state trooper.
Walsh says he "looks forward" to 'selflessly serving' the people of New York state to on the job and moving up the ladder in the State Police ranks'.  Before joining State Police, Walsh was an officer for two years with the Secret Service, and he had been assigned to the White House.  Walsh and the other new troopers will begin their field duty on Monday.
Two teenagers from Jamestown have been arrested for allegedly hosting a loud party on the city's eastside early last Saturday morning and becoming combative with police...  
City police were called to the scene at 321 Allen Street shortly after 1 a.m. for a complaint of loud music coming from the building. Officers say they made contact with 19 year-old Lastar Farmer, and a 16 year-old girl who claimed responsibility for the party.  However, as people were leaving the party, officers say the teens became disorderly, and were yelling and disturbing others.  Both females were arrested for unnecessary noise and jailed pending arraignment.
A new study aims to shed light on the weather phenomenon that's behind many of Buffalo's most epic snowfalls...  
Researchers at the University at Buffalo will focus on lake-effect snow from the past in hopes of better predicting it in the future as the Earth warms.  Lake-effect snow occurs when cold winds flow over warmer water - in this case, the Great Lakes - fueling intense bands of moisture that can quickly dump feet of snow on a single location.  U.B. researchers are developing tools to look at whether snowfall was heavier 10,000 years ago, when the Earth was warmer.  They'll seek clues in hydrogen atoms found in the remains of ancient leaves buried at the bottom of ponds and lakes.

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