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As the New York City area deals with it's fourth nor'easter in less than three weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo used a storm briefing Wednesday to vent his frustration over the performance of utility companies during recent storms...  
Cuomo says that the utilities serving parts of Upstate and New York City have failed to adapt to what he calls "a new reality."  He says they've been "slow to respond..." and that's unacceptable. He says they are "not a charity..." and regardless of whether there's bright sunshine or snow,  they're supposed to produce.  Cuomo says that's why he has ordered the state's Public Service Commissioner to perform a review of the utilities.  He also made it clear that they have the power to revoked the licenses of any utility.  
One of the businesses destroyed by fire earlier this year in Falconer will re-open in the next few days.  Brian Nelson's Falconer Vac Shop will be operating in a temporary structure at the site of the old store on Main Street...
An electrical problem caused the January 14 fire that burned Nelson's building down.  A year ago today (March 22), an arson fire took out several other businesses, just down the block. Brian Nelson's been in business in Falconer for 48 years. Despite the fires and changes in retail, he's still enthusiastic about the village. Nelson says his vac shop will remain in its temporary location while the village decides what to do, to redevelop the burned out areas.  He plans a formal grand opening on May 1.  
A group of bi-partisan federal lawmakers is completing it's work on legislation that will address school and other mass shootings, the latest one taking place in Maryland Tuesday...  
That from Chautauqua County's Congressman Tom Reed (who co-chairs the Problem Solvers Caucus), which is half Republican and half Democratic.  Reed says their legislations deals with gun issues, school safety and mental illness issues.  Reed adds, though, that lawmakers need to get to what "drives" a person like Florida shooter Nicholas Cruz to do what he did.
Reed says he is pushing on controversial idea 'forced treatment', which he says would deal with socio and psychologistal problems Cruz was known by many people to have.  Reed says it's unclear how soon the Problem Solver's legislation may be introduced.  He made his comments for his weekly telephone conference call with Southern Tier Media.
One of the six Democrats seeking the nomination to run for the 23rd Congressional District seat says sensible gun control would be one way to curtail school shootings...  
Owego's Max Della Pia was in Jamestown for several appearances Wednesday to talk about the issues and why he should be elected to go to Washington.  Della Pia is a retired U-S Air Force officer, who supports the Second Amendment.  Yet, he feels there is a need for federal background checks.
Della Pia adds that bump stocks should be illegal, along with military-style weapons.  However, he admits there would have to be some compromise to bring those about.  Della Pia says there needs to be "a respectful conversation with all the stakeholders because that's the only way we get to "enduring policy." 
Democratic Congressionial candidate Max Della Pia of Owego is being touted as the one person seeking the Democratic nomination who has a lot of public service on his resume...  
However, Della Pia said during a series of stops in Jamestown yesterday that the reason why he decided to enter the race last Summer is because of the challenges facing his adult children.  One of those challenges is getting good, affordable health care.  Della Pie says he supports "Medicare for All".
Della Pia says he also wants to help his son -- who is trying to make a go of it in farming -- by working to improve the economy for them and others.  He says he also has a transgender daughter, and her rights are important to him.  Republican Tom Reed's campaign has already painted the six candidates as "Extreme Ithaca Liberals", which Della Pia calls nothing more than a distraction.  He says voters should be focusing on capabilities and experience.  The Democratic Primary will be held in late June.  Della Pia hosted a "Meet and Greet" last night at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Jamestown.
The Catholic Diocese of Western New York has released a list of 42 retired or deceased priests who were removed or retired from the ministry amid sex abuse allegations...  
The list, which was disclosed by Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone on Tuesday, includes eight priests who previously served in Jamestown-area parishes.  The Post-Journal reports that some of those served for many years in Jamestown at three catholic churches.  They are the Reverend Martin Pavlock, James Spielman, Donald Fafinski, John Hajduk and the Reverend Chester Stachewicz.  The others serving locally include the Reverends Mark and Joseph Friel, Thomas Kemp and Francis Hogan.  
A Warren County, Pennsylvania man was hurt Tuesday evening after a firearm accidentally went off with two 4 year-old children inside a Youngsville home...  
State Police in Warren say while the suspect was involved in a verbal argument at a Homestead Drive residence, he retrieved a small-caliber handgun.  Identified as 28 year-old Michael Battko, III, Troopers report he did not brandish the weapon, but allegedly kept it behind his back while pacing in the residence.  The gun is believed to have discharged by accident injuring Battko in the leg, he was taken to an Erie hospital for treatment.  The incident is still under investigation with additional interviews still pending, as well as court action. 

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